Sir Alex Ferguson Hails Robin van Persie’s ‘Goal of the Century’: The Nightly EPL

Sir Alex Ferguson considers Robin van Persie’s second goal for Manchester United tonight as a “goal of the Century.”

Here’s what Ferguson said about van Persie and the goal:

“It was goal of the century for me. It was marvellous – the technique with his head down, over the ball and just perfect timing. It was a magnificent strike. He scored exactly the same goal against Arsenal. He is in his mature years and winning the league tonight meant a lot to him.

“When you identify a great player coming to the end of his contract, you go for him no matter who. In terms of impact he has made as big an impact as any player I can imagine. [Eric] Cantona was an incredible impact player, I’ve had some great strikers, maybe 10 great strikers. We had an expectation of him. He was sensational last year, but Arsène [Wenger] said he was better than I’d think after I’d done the deal and he was right. He has never disappointed us. He has been unbelievable, his early form was fantastic. He had a dry spell, as most strikers do, but he has come back from that and he was unbelievable tonight.”

Here’s a video clip of van Persie’s second goal:

While there’s no doubt it was spectacular, do you consider it as good as Ferguson says it was? Or have you seen better? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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8 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson Hails Robin van Persie’s ‘Goal of the Century’: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Zidane scored a much better goal in the Champions League final. I’m sure there are others I haven’t seen but Zidane’s goal was exquisite. RVP’s goal was terrific but nowhere near as good as goal of the century.

  2. Excellent yes but also offside. Cant think of the one against Arsenal. Can think of a couple similar he scored for the Arsenal.
    Not sure it’s even goal of the season but I did enjoy it.

  3. Like Ian Darke, I too remember that volley against Charlton from the edge of the penalty area. That was a better goal than this one. Higher degree of difficulty and it was dispatched with so much venom that the keeper had no chance. Definitely one of Van Persie’s best if not the goal of the century.

  4. People don’t take SAF too seriously, it was a fantastic goal but Eric the Red has scored the best United goal ever.

  5. Great technique and goal but I wouldn’t even put it as top 10 of the century. I saw Torres score a volley for Liverpool that was even further away from goal and that was just as good or even better. Zidane’s goal for Real Madrid in the CL was the best I’ve seen. Those of you older might remember others.

  6. Rvp also scored on similar volleys against Everton at home and at an field last season, so this is old hat for him. Still though brilliant goals

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