Manchester United Win 2012-13 Premier League, Reach The Dizzying Heights of 20 Titles [PHOTO]

Manchester United are the winners of the 2012-13 Premier League after convincingly defeating Aston Villa 3-0 at Old Trafford. The latest Premier League triumph is the twentieth English top flight title that the Red Devils have won.

Sitting on 84 points, Manchester United won the title with four matches remaining in the reason. Most of the credit to tonight’s win goes to Robin van Persie who scored three goals against Villa, including one stunning volley that was reminiscent of his goal for Arsenal against Charlton from a few years ago.

After losing the title on the final day of the season last year, Manchester United cruised to a Premier League title this season with convincing victories across the season. United only lost four matches all season — against Everton, Manchester City, Norwich and Tottenham Hotspur.

The next best top flight record in England is held by Liverpool who have won the top flight trophy 18 times.

Congratulations to Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson on a well-deserved 20th top flight title.

27 thoughts on “Manchester United Win 2012-13 Premier League, Reach The Dizzying Heights of 20 Titles [PHOTO]”

  1. For a club supposedly in decline that makes 5 titles in seven years. Looks like that changing of the guard only lasted 343 days.

  2. Boring Boring Man United.

    Seriosuly what’s the fun in going into every season knowing that 2 or 3 teams have a real shot in winning the league. It’s usually Man U going up against one other team.

    Same with Celtic up north. Are you really bragging about something when you win the SPL?

    A bonus from the major USA leagues is that usually the playing field is even and the champion could come from anywhere.

    1. Yo can keep your play off sh*t and that western and eastern conference bs over there. Boring and sh**ty mls. Its a marathon not a sprint jack a*s and if you dont like it then i suggest you watch pathetic mls

      1. I was with you until you called MLS “pathetic.”

        The league doesn’t have the world’s top talent, true, and is a lesser form of football than you will find in other countries, true again.

        It is, however, a league that is starting from scratch and keeping a close eye on its financials so that it does not implode like the NASL did here in the 1980s. As time goes by and its popularity in the US grows, so will its financial power and reach. That will take time.

        In the meantime, it’s entertaining enough and worth going to the matches in person.

      2. playoffs? your talking about playoffs? who said anything about playoffs?

        I can’t wait till next year when either man u or man city win the league again.

    2. Well, I’d say the SPL is an after thought to a majority of the football watching public.

      Chelsea were close to ruining all of English football back when they won back to back titles. Those same fears aren’t brought up for United’s dominance of English footbal over the last 20 years.

      Regardless of that,the difference in the past five years has been Ferguson. He is the reason they are the force they are. The vision to bring Van Persie ended the title race before it started. That’s why he’s a champion, again.

      1. The ‘vision’ to bring in the League’s top scorer and add him to an already strong 2nd place finishing team?

        Ferguson is incredible but any of our grandmothers could have put two and two together on that one.

        1. Don’t be a fool man, buying a player does not guarantee success just look at City, Chelsea, et al. It is adding the correct part that makes the car purr.

    3. Funkhowser,
      Seriously? It is always the top 2 or 3 teams in every league in Europe every year. Do you even watch European soccer? If the EPL is so boring to you, how about you don’t come to the site that ONLY talks about EPL?

      1. Ha!…who said anything about MLS??? Do you fools not know how to read?

        I never said the EPL was boring either. Man U winning it every year is boring.

        Read the words before you come back with your nonsense responses.

        …and stop being soccer snobs

        Up the toon!

        1. You said this, “Seriosuly [sic] what’s the fun in going into every season knowing that 2 or 3 teams have a real shot in winning the league. It’s usually Man U going up against one other team.” How is that not talking about the EPL?

          Your comment on Celtic makes you a soccer snob. Dissing another league is what a soccer snob does.

          Read your own words.

        2. Ah a Toon fan, you wish you were United but the one to shoulda your chance your manager had a meltdown and you blew it.

  3. Will RVP have any shot at Balon de Oro or since poor showing in CL by EPL take away any shot? great second goal that is so hard if you have ever kicked a football.

  4. That’s how you win the league: with points not on goal difference and to even think that people say that the league is weak this year, well winning the league on goal difference doesn’t suggest a strong league, does it. That was a fluke win by City.

  5. Credit and congratulations to the Champions of our league. It is amazing to consider how close the race would be had RVP not scored so many key goals at the start of the season. For a while there United were conceding at an incredible rate.

    I can’t see them catching Chelsea’s 95 points, but it will be fun to see them try. It is, after all, the only thing they are still playing for.

    -Chelsea supporter.

  6. Job well done. Rooney is now utilized as the midfielder United have needed, and Lewandowski will take his spot up top to repair the Dortmund duo with Kagawa. Zaha is coming in to replace Nani. United will need a winger to take over the left side for perpetually injured/useless Young and we’ll be good to go. 21? Believe it!

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