Manchester United vs Aston Villa Match Highlights [VIDEO]

It was a match that both teams desperately wanted to win for completely different reasons, but there was only winner. And that person was Robin van Persie who stole the show and scored three well-taken chances — one of which will go down as a contender for goal of the season.

If you missed any of the highlights, or want to watch them again, here are the highlights of Manchester United against Aston Villa that was played on Monday, April 22, 2013 in gameweek 34 of the Premier League:

8 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Aston Villa Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. The best thing here is that the true significance of the picture Gaffer used for this will be lost on a big portion of those looking at it here.

    But credit where due – great season for the rags nevertheless. It would be dishonest to say anything other.

  2. It’s nice to see all the highlight packages for their success not contain any with Spurs in!

    Only team to take 4pts off Utd this season. And a perfect “it’s funny because it’s true” picture.

    Listen to the sportsbar on talksport to hear the post game celebrations…quite embarrassing really…every Man Utd fan that called in did not sound excited to be champions at all…these had all been at the game too, but saying that, the atmosphere was flat and strange.

    The host Andy Goldstein from Essex / London is a Msn Utd fan, he also noted how depressed they all sounded.

    Anyways…looking forward to see the honor guard for van persie at the emirates…lol if UTd don’t win that game it’ll be embarrassing for them…so Farsenal should stay on 63 pts for another week or so…

    Swansea need to do the business this week too!

  3. That image of the London streets is disturbing. In the US this would be like if New York was covered in a sea of red the Redsox won the World Series or the streets of Boston turning white a navy because the Yankees won. English people that call American’s glory hunters becasue they root for teams in the EPL but you have it in your own country to the extent that a rival cities streets are flooded with fan of a team from another part of the country.

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