Chelsea Players Adorn Costumes for Fancy Dress Party, But There’s No Spanish Waiter [PHOTOS]

Chelsea footballers celebrated the birthdays today of Marko Marin and John Obi Mikel by having a fancy dress party, where photos were tweeted of the footballers in all of their attire.

David Luiz dressed up as Chelsea Pensioner. Marko Marin was an elf. Paolo Fereira turned into Robin, while several other Chelsea footballers donned all sorts of costumes. And is that Petr Cech as Maverick from the movie Top Gun?

Take a look at the photo below to see if you can spot which Chelsea footballers are dressed in what costume, and feel free to post your findings in the comments section below.

Even QPR goalkeeper Julio Cesar got in on the action, wearing a Chelsea kit and pretending to be David Luiz (see below):

H/T 101 Great Goals.

3 thoughts on “Chelsea Players Adorn Costumes for Fancy Dress Party, But There’s No Spanish Waiter [PHOTOS]”

  1. It was actually David Luiz’ birthday, not Marko Marin’s. I believe Marin was dressed as peter pan, I don’t know if Pan was an elfen child or a human.

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