Liverpool vs Chelsea and Tottenham vs Manchester City: Open Thread

Today we have a treat of two matches where the results could have big consequences for the race for fourth place as well as, at a longshot, the race for the Premier League title.

With Arsenal getting four points from their last two matches, the Gunners are leapfrogged into third place in the table and are five points ahead of Tottenham Hotspur. With Gareth Bale expected to return to the Tottenham squad today, the Lilywhites have a lot of catch-up to do. Meanwhile, Manchester City will want to keep the pressure on Manchester United. City have an opportunity to close the gap between them and United to ten points, with Sir Alex Ferguson’s team playing Aston Villa tomorrow.

In the second match of the day, Rafa Benitez returns to his old stomping grounds as Chelsea take on Liverpool at Anfield. Just as Spurs want to close the gap with Arsenal, Chelsea have another opportunity to leapfrog over Arsenal in order to regain third place in the league. Liverpool, meanwhile, can close the gap with Everton above them from six points to three if the Reds can win today.

For viewers in the United States, visit our TV schedule to find out which games will be shown where at what time.

Join the conversation in the comments section below before, during or after today’s matches.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

126 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Chelsea and Tottenham vs Manchester City: Open Thread”

  1. Can someone explain to me why Fox would make the 11 AM match (Liverpool-Chelsea) available on Fox Soccer to Go but not the Spurs-ManCity match? They’re both on the main Fox Soccer channel.

    What gives Fox?

  2. You don’t need to hit the language button on your tv for this match if you’re Arab. You can hear the Arab commentators screaming in the booth next to the English feed.

        1. I hope the Fox and NBC guys see this thread to know that listening to this on such an important game is like nails on a chalkboard.

    1. I agree with you! This was very annoying to me and i’m sure the majority of people who was watching feels the same too.

      Can’t wait for next season when we no longer have to watch on this network.

        1. Yes, he’s in a long-term contract with FOX Soccer. Which matches he’ll be commentating on, though, are not known right now.

          The Gaffer

  3. Excellent defending in general by City. Slightly ragged after 40′ though. Bale can’t possibly be fully fit as he looks far less dangerous than usual.

    Kompany and Nastasic excellent. Nastasic should be at least up for young player of the year, and I don’t say that out of bias.

    Man, if I knew for certain that second was safe I’d want the Spurs to win. That is a club that really deserves to be on the UCL stage next year. Second probably is safe, as the run-in for City after this is not that difficult.

    1. Marc L
      where has this City team been all season?if they had played like this all season they would be closer or even in front of United.I know he is playing well but i don’t trust nasri i would try to move him over the summer.I agree with you about Nastasic,with him and Vinnie they are looking strong in the back four.

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    1. Alas No… No tickets available… Can’t justify the $2000 it cost in air fare to “scalp” a ticket.

      I tried going through Thomas cook official spurs travel too and no luck…Sunderland could be on…well see when they go on sale.

      A great game…

      You must be happy about NFFC turn around…next season should be a good one for you with the right buys.

      1. Dust
        yeah i got sucked in thinking maybe sneak in to the playoffs this year but their not ready.When you can’t beat Barnsley at home your not ready for the next step.Hope Billy D will get to spend some pounds need some scoring help.

  5. If Tottenham are going to salvage anything its got to be down the left wing. Why Holtby didn’t start is beyond me.

  6. Well maybe after City drops 3 of the next 5 and ends up 5th I’ll be all gutted behind this. But for now I’m kind of glad to see the Spurs get the points.

    Not that they are really going to drop 3 out of those next 5, but if your time as a football fan equates with “following City at any point prior to about 2010” you expect these sort of thing to happen.

    Hang in, Spurs! I know how you were feeling before that equalizer. Seeing ruin, out of the CL, Bale leaving. Have to admit I smiled when it went in. Hope those folks at the Club office don’t track me down and pull my membership card for hearing that.

    1. I’d argue that Citeh are still the same old basket case club they’ve always been Marc. any glory hunters should beware of that despite the bottomless wallet which should guarantee you steamroll everything in your path. That’s not being derogatory, just from someone who remembers bouncing around the leagues with you (and loved visiting Maine Road, especially for night matches).

      1. Well if you’re talking about big spending City’s squad isn’t much different in fact costs less than its rivals i.e Chelsea and Utd so why would they be ‘steam rolling’ teams if those others aren’t? And they aren’t! your logic seems flawed on that surely? Also the wallet Your team stoke has opened since joining the premier league hasn’t exactly been small has it? Yet the are in a relegation scrap, they have spent more than most of the rest yet aren’t ‘steam rolling’ Swansea, Everton, west Brom and many more who have spent less.
        As for glory hunters stoke rarely managed an average of over 16k yet the minute they joined the premier league this shot up to 26k is that not fans drawn by the bright lights? I realise the media only highlights who they want making the not so clued up toe a line that’s never quiet right but make an easy target for green eyed out there. Indecently City’s average crowd in 2003 was 46,834 it is only a few hundred different now! I think people should actually look at their own short comings before calling others for what they perceive as theirs. Of course this isn’t meant to be derogatory either, just honest and factual. I too also remember bouncing around those leagues as I was there, along with 30k+ others week in week out and any investment they have attracted those fans more than deserve for the blind loyalty that made them strong again, many others cannot say the same!!

        1. Chill out! What I said wasn’t meant to be dismissive. Just that it’s not easy to be a City fan and if anyone’s new to it expect the unexpected. Jesus touchy aren’t we.

          1. I don’t need to ‘chill out’ LOL. I’m not hot or bothered just pointing out some things out that people don’t even seem to be bothered thinking about! I will say It doesn’t half get boring reading the same ill informed comments about squad costs, crowd size and glory hunting week after week especially by those who should know better. By the way it’s extremely easy to be a City fan please believe me in fact it’s a pleasure, was it always? Some times not but mostly yes what ever decade 😉

        1. I tend to bet against my own team. If I win it stems the disappointment, if I lose I don’t mind because my team have won.

          Listened to it on Talksport, fell asleep when Man City were in the lead, woke up and it was 3-1! David Ginola is in the studio for them and explained the fact this can happen when a result looks certain makes the English leagues different from most others.

  7. Well well well…. What a result, city set up to counter, it took us 45 mins to get our rhythm back after we hadn’t played a game in 10 days.

    3-1 a fair result.

    Still can’t believe that not one of the 2 handballs in the pen were given… Not one penalty this season…

    AVB reacted perfectly in the second half with his substitutions.

    Out classedsmvini and city in the last 30.

    A great result… Defies strike was unreal…bales finish was pure class…so much composure… Dempsey… What can you say… When you least expect it he pops up and got the ball rolling…frustrating player…but credit where credit is deserved a great goal to equalize a a good overall performance.

    Vertonghen is mustard as is Démbèle, very happy for them all…AVB, Freund and co.

    We all know that would NOT have happened under redknapp… On form city are the best team in the league…and we just. Won 3-1


    1. Dust
      i thought you were their.i remember you saying you were going to go over for a match thought it was the city match.oh well great result for your SPURS now tell me how we root for pool.

        1. Ian
          that would have been great for him much better when your side comes back to win.nice win for your Potters yesterday your side is safe any predictions on what changes will come this summer?

          1. I’ll only be happy if we get 3 points next week. I think Pulis will be ousted but I haven’t heard about a replacement.

            A mate of mine who’s a Liverpool fan has got tickets in an exec box, free food, drink and hotel up at St James Park next week. That’s a fair away day!

  8. Well as long as Utd don’t lose to villa at home that doesn’t really matter for city but would be great to see spurs to Arsenals place in the CL take a bit of wind and cash out of their sails and give them a chance to catch up money wise

  9. Can any of you give me advice on a trip I’m trying to plan? Want to do Santa Barbara and Vancouver, with a stop somewhere in between which so far is either Seattle or Portland.

    Any recommendat

      1. Ian
        I would pick Seattle i am biased because that is where i grew up.Pike Place Market,Waterfront just down the hill from the Market Pioneer Square where the City started Boeing flight many days in midpoint location.

        1. I reckon 4-5, either flying in to Vancouver or LA and travelling up or down the west coast. I’ve picked our hotel in Santa Barbara and decided we’ll hire one of your huge tanks and drive around from there. My missus has gone for Vancouver and we plan on doing some whale and bear watching up there. It’s just the middle stop we need to sort, it needs to include some visits to your fantastic micro-breweries!

          How can you let Oscar score a header!

      2. Ian
        since your driving a day at Mt Rainer Nat Park would be worth the time.14K high snow capped mountain.i don’t think you have one of those in England.

  10. Scousers cheering for Rafa. If the Rodgers experiment starts badly next season Benitez could be back at Anfield.

    1. Knowing the FA decisions, as well as the poor refereeing, he will probably get away with it. One of the linesmen or the match official will say he saw the incident but didn’t see anything wrong with it. Referee just thought Suarez was hungry.

  11. let me make this easy for all you pool fans saurez is a POS!last time i checked mature adults do not bite each other.banned for last 5 matches this year and first 5 next year what a dirt bag.

    1. I am Liverpool fan and completely agree with you. As talented as he is, Saurez is a liability and a disgrace to the shirt. If he never plays again for Liverpool, I won’t be disappointed. You can’t defend the indefensible. I would rather lose with dignity than win with deceit. Maybe I am just antiquated with my ideas about honor and fair play.

      1. Patrick
        BRAVO thanks for being honest and a fan not a fanatic.Honor and Dignity never go out of style it is just people without those attributes that say their not important.

    1. As a I said on above post, I am a Liverpool while some LFC people may make excuses for Suarez, I for one will not be one of them. There is no excuse for what he did and if it were up to me I would get rid of him in the summer. The man doesn’t deserve to play at Anfield.

  12. I feel like we’re overlooking the obvious with this bite incident.

    This isn’t another Suarez disgrace, this is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

    1. Yeah it doesn’t get much worse than that.

      We can debate the importance of blown offside calls or questionable penalties in a given week, but it’s hard to get past attempted cannibalism during a match.

  13. Normally, I would feel over the moon at a last second equalizer, but this a hollow draw because Suarez shouldn’t have even been on the field. If saying this makes me less of an LFC fan then I am guilty as charged.

      1. I’m going to miss Suarez. So much material. I haven’t this much fun on here since Aston Villa and the 12 goals of Christmas!

  14. hope you enjoy it it is the last time you will be on the pitch for a long time you time.Ivanovic might want to check he is up to date on his tetanus vaccination.

  15. He bites who he wants!
    He bites who he wants!
    He bites who he wants!

    But he is one beautiful dirty little cannibal in my eyes right now.

    On the other hand, is there any use whatsoever for Shelvey? I mean, other than cast as “creepy sublieutenant to Bond Villain” in the next Daniel Craig flick.

    Good god is Shelvey terrible.

  16. the question will pool come out with suarez shirts after he is suspended in a show of support?just wondering they have set prescient by doing that in the chance of PFA RVP in a walk.

  17. Well the FA are again trying to screw Chelsea. Last week Aguero should have been sent off and now Suarez should have gone. Where did the 6 minutes come from ?

    1. Was there a sub in added time? I don’t think so, so you would think they should have blown that prior to LFC’s last desperate run.

      1. Okay, Lampard for Mata in the 90th minute then? Still only supposed to give 30 seconds for that. I think Biter’s goal goes in at 96:45 or so.

        Yeah, I think you guys got Fergie Timed.

    2. Discretion of the ref son you know the rule. Please do not talk about screwing CFC, when you guys played United Luis should have gone for his foul on Chica but was still on the pitch. These things even out.

      1. Was that the game last October when Torres went when it showed that Evans did in fact foul him ? or Hernandez was in an offside position to score the winning goal ? Yeah you’re right Chelsea shouldn’t complain .. I mean Ba gets his nose broken in the box against Newcastle and nothing called ( we lost ) or Aguero stomps on Luiz and nothing is called ( we lost ) and or Suarez bites Ivanovich or Sturridge cheese grates Bertrand ( the same for Giroud who was sent off ) so yeah you’re right we should just stop bitching and not be so paranoid.

  18. Seriously… All those LFC fans that try and say Suarez and bale are no different…. LoL

    Insane absolutely insane…. He has to be banned… He is a serial bitter, racist, stamper, handballing cheating all round bad egg.

    I hope he goes in the summer… Don’t want him in the league.

    CFC must be fuming

    1. Any comparison to Bale is totally wrong.

      It’s one thing to pick insects off someone and eat them, Bale is simply grooming his friends and family. Entirely different to take a bite out of an opponent.

  19. Suarez takes a bite out of Chelsea’s Champions League quest.

    Unbelievable ending with the last play ending in Suarez’s goal. Chelsea must feel gutted because they thought they had hung on for all 3 points. Two points dropped for them.

    Could this be the end of Suarez’s time at Liverpool? I think so. I cannot imagine that a club of Liverpool’s stature will allow him to play for them next season. It will also cost Liverpool in his transfer as he will be sold at a lower price than what they might have got otherwise.

  20. this is a huge moment for BR tenure at pool he better get on the right side or he will wear a scarlet letter.remember dignity and honor never go out of style.

  21. I for one would love to see Suarez back in the League next year. Just for the cannibal/biting-oriented songs alone that people would come up with.

  22. Holy crap – a friend of mine just told me that a scouse fan on 5 live defended Suarez by saying he merely pushed his teeth at Ivanovic’s arm. Without actually biting him.

    We know Suarez is big on simulation, of course, but a simulated BITE?

  23. If Liverpool Fc are smart they will suspend him for the rest of the season right away. He’s already going to get a lengthy ban so the club might aswell get some good PR out if this situation by seemingly doing the right thing.

    Hopefully they don’t make the same PR mistakes as they did when he racially abused Evra.

    1. I’ve heard about at least 10 things like this that Cech has done over the last several years. Super guy by all accounts.

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