Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City, Match Highlights [VIDEO]

What a brilliant advertisement for the Premier League today as Tottenham Hotspur battled Manchester City at White Hart Lane with so much on the line for both teams — Tottenham trying to stay in the race for the UEFA Champions League, and Manchester City hoping to cling on to their hopes of a Premier League title.

This was an entertaining but unusual match. The game ebbed and flowed, from Manchester City seemingly in control and looking comfortable to Tottenham Hotspur looking inept in the final third.

But then it all changed.

A couple of observations: One, will Tottenham Hotspur supporters finally give Clint Dempsey credit this season? He’s been criticized by many Tottenham pundits as being uncreative and ineffective for most of this season, but he can up trumps again today. Second, Manchester City in one game what they’re made of this season. In the first half, they were in control, defensively sound and looked like champions. In the second half, they were sloppy, they let Tottenham run free in the midfield and looked weak defensively.

Watch the match highlights here:

Samir Nasri goal:

SPU 0-1 CIT by ADSA214

Clint Dempsey goal:

SPU 1-1 CIT by ADSA214

Jermain Defoe goal:

SPU 2-1 CIT by ADSA214

Gareth Bale goal

SPU 3-1 CIT by ADSA214

Meanwhile, for viewers in the United States, here are higher quality video highlights of

Dempsey’s goal

And Bale’s goal

2 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City, Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. When there’s a real game, there is no place in London like White Hart Lane.

    The stadiums where the fans are closest to the pitch make for the best regular season matches in person and on TV.

    No disrespect, but the modern, antiseptic parks like the Emirates lend to a very subdued atmosphere.

    1. I disagree it’s where the clubs have real fans rather than those from here there and every where. It the fan are born and bred they will always be louder than the day tripper fans

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