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Luis Suárez’s Liverpool Future in Doubt Despite Apology For Bite Attack: The Nightly EPL

suarez bites ivanovic Luis Suárezs Liverpool Future in Doubt Despite Apology For Bite Attack: The Nightly EPL

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says that no Liverpool footballer is irreplaceable after Luis Suarez bit Branislav Ivanovic during Liverpool’s 2-2 draw against Chelsea on Sunday. Suarez later apologized for his actions.

Suarez not only faces a possible suspension from The FA after manager Kevin Friend missed the incident. Plus, Suarez faces possible punishment from his club.

Here’s what Rodgers said regarding the situation:

“It doesn’t matter who, players are always replaceable no matter how good they think they are. That is how football works. Of course there are wonderful talents here we’ve seen at this club and others over many years. If you ever lose a player that you think you cannot replace, the next one still comes along. The standards at this football club have been met for many years and that’s why it is the worldwide institution that it is. The history of this club is about respect and how people are treated. And that is something that will always be maintained here and will always be long after I am gone.”

What do you think should happen to Luis Suarez? Should Liverpool look for an opportunity to ship the player out in the summer so they can get someone who is less of a liability and more of a proven goalscorer? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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13 Responses to Luis Suárez’s Liverpool Future in Doubt Despite Apology For Bite Attack: The Nightly EPL

  1. Niall says:

    Any chance of a few quotes that might support your misleading headline?

  2. Dean Stell says:

    Heheh…..I’m glad he plays for Liverpool.

    Seriously, I’m not sure what they should do. From a footballing standpoint, the scary thing is that he seems prone to doing things that earn lengthy suspensions. The handballs and the diving are embarassing, but the racism and biting earn suspensions that are almost like having a significant injury every year.

    On one hand, I’m sure Liverpool will get a bunch of lowball offers from clubs just looking to get him as damaged goods. But, it just takes one club to make it happen with a juicy offer.

  3. Michael says:

    How would they get a more proven goalscorer than the leading goal scorer in the Premier League?

    • Yespage says:

      Good point. Without Suarez, who knows where L’pool would be right now in the EPL. But clearly the guy has become too much of a liability.

  4. Yespage says:

    Oh… that is what they were talking about, as far a suspension late in the game. I thought the controversy was the handball.

    Ivanovic’s immediate reaction clearly indicates that Suarez bit him.

    What the heck Suarez?! Ignoring the poor sportsmanship, this is nothing but a pox on the team you are playing for. The team needs you on the field to score and win games, not off on suspension for some grossly immature stupidity.

    A decent number have backed you and you do something like this? It makes me feel utterly foolish for defending him in the past. Maybe he can play alongside Balotelli in Serie A. Sure the heck don’t want him playing for L’pool.

  5. Charles Boyer says:

    The guy seems to be a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde type. Off the field, he sounds like a reasonable young footballer and family man, someone who the Liverpool fans could rightfully be proud to call one of the their own.

    On the field, however, his other personality comes out all too often: he’s had some pretty blatant displays of horrible sportsmanship both at Liverpool and at other places, and he has displayed dangerous and quite frankly childish behavior at both Anfield and Ajax. In fact, on the pitch he makes Balotelli look like a saint.

    Question is, does Suarez’s great play serve as enough reason for Liverpool to keep him or to cut their losses and send him packing to Munich or another squad willing to risk their club’s reputation on him? At this point, it looks more and more like the answer is no.

  6. Garry Craske says:

    If Liverpool had any morals they would rid themselves of this cancer. Considering the Hillsborough annerversary had just passed this very week Liverpool should rid themselves of this insipid human being. Shankly must be turning in his grave.

  7. Dave says:

    Liverpool have no choice right now but to act swiftly and fine Suarez which they have done. They are also requiring him to go to anger management classes.

    Publicly they say they won’t sell Suarez but I’m certain they will sell him in the summer as soon as they get a decent offer. If they came out and said he was done at Liverpool then other teams would know they can get him on the cheap.

    Even before this incident there was speculation about Suarez leaving and Liverpool said publicly that he was not for sale. However, most people believe he will be gone as there will be lots of teams after his sgnature. This biting incident now makes it certain he will be sold. Liverpool are just trying to ensure they get the most for him.

  8. Joe956 says:

    The just lost any chance at all of being player of the year. He’s a total loser and I’m glad his behavior will always destroy his talent.

    • Dave says:

      His behavior won’t destroy his talent just his image and marketability. Given all the negative things he has been involved with he has still maintained his good form and it has not affected his talent.

      Very few teams would not want Suarez at their club given his talent. If Joey Barton can still have a career so can Suarez.

  9. kyle says:

    One of the reasons why Kenny Daglish was fired was because of his handling of the Suarez racism row. The owners want to protect their brand name and Suarez’s many indiscretions don’t help. That’s why I believe he will be sold before the beginning of next season. While publicly Liverpool may say Suarez won’t be sold I agree with poster Dave that saying otherwise will make it difficult to get the highest fee for his transfer.

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