Luis Suarez Apologizes For Biting Chelsea Defender Branislav Ivanovic

Liverpool Football Club have moved quickly to stamp out negative publicity regarding Luis Suarez biting Branislav Ivanovic.

“I am deeply sorry for my inexcusable behaviour earlier today during our match against Chelsea. I have issued an apology and have tried to contact Branislav Ivanović to speak to him personally. I apologize also to my manager, playing colleagues and everyone at Liverpool Football Club for letting them down.”

“Luis has made an unreserved apology for his actions today,” said Liverpool FC’s managing director Ian Ayre. “His behavior is not befitting of any player wearing a Liverpool shirt and Luis is aware that he has let himself and everyone associated with the club down. We will deal with the matter internally and await any action from the FA.

“Having reviewed the video footage and spoken to Luis, his behavior is unacceptable and I have made him aware of this.”

While Liverpool and Suarez have moved to apologize for the incident, the question of punishment from The FA still has to be addressed. Suarez faces the prospect of a lengthy ban.

14 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Apologizes For Biting Chelsea Defender Branislav Ivanovic”

  1. I’m sure this will be swept under the carpet by Liverpool and all pool fans will make excuses, as Brendan already has…

    Great football skills is one thing… IMO they are not enough to make any of Suarez antics ok….
    Joey Barton gets 12 games…

    As a serial bitter having received a 7 game ban, surely 12 is in order? As well as being enforced worldwide in case he leaves in the summer.

    Let’s say the voting for PFA has Suarez winning outright, will they take it away in light of this incident, they should if that is the case, but will they?

    1. That’s stupidest thing you have said till date. Did you even see BRs quote to the press and LFC fans reaction to this.
      Yes ,wht he did was wrong and stupid but LFC would be dumb to get rid off a world class asset for cheap or let the media run Luis out of EPL. He apologized and will accept the ban…move on.

        1. yup, like I said wht he did was wrong and disgusting and he apologized , the club will deal with it internally and accept if FA bans him.

          People shldnt look at footballers for morals plus its not like he was banging his blood brothers wife left right top and bottom did he?

          1. He did something worse than that. He puts his performance on the pitch and the team at peril. If he gets a red card for that, L’pool are down a man and don’t come back. And it can lead to a suspension which means he can’t score goals.

            What he did was immature, wrong, and selfish.

  2. I agree Liverpool must take some kind of action themselves and not just a fine if two weeks pay. They can’t talk about nobody being bigger than the club then just let this guy repeatedly drag the clubs good name through the mud every season.

    You can bet club sponsors aren’t happy to be continually linked to all the negative publicity surrounding this guy. I don’t think he needs to be shipped out but he does need to be reprimanded for his actions.

  3. Trust me, Liverpool supporters are embarrassed and tired of his actions as well.

    I had a nonfooty fan over this morning and trying to explain Luis to him was maddening.

    Is it time to sell him? I don’t know. Am I over all of his BS? Yes I am.

  4. Crazy, but what if Liverpool asked Suarez to do something insane so when they sell him in a few months fans will talk themselves into it. Remember they are owned by the redsox and suddenly it doesn’t seem that crazy.

  5. He should easily win the PFA award the fact that he has a taste for human flesh does t make him any less of a player but this guy has big mental problems. He will or should get a 3 match ban that he would have if it had been seen a media witch hunt should not interfere with the rules it’s violent conduct same as if he punched him. Funny thing if he was put on the market at a get rid price every club in the premier would want him, I wonder how some of these hate him fans would react if he was putting he ball in the back of the net for them?

  6. Unless you’re Dracula nobody is going to die from a bite to the arm. Suarez does have an impressive set of choppers that any T Rex would be proud of but it’s not a career ending injury and nowhere near the horrific type of malice illustrated when footballers go after someone with intent such as Roy Keane and the like.

    If Suarez was a average squad player I’m certain Liverpool would get rid of him. But he IS Liverpool and without him they’re pretty toothless (excuse the pun) so Liverpool has to deal with it in a way that satisfies the FA and the rabid press in an effort to carry on as normal.

    Big Brenda says stern things like “nobody is bigger than the club” etc but I hate to break it to him – Suarez is bigger than you Brenda. Liverpool can get rid of BR and carry on quite nicely, but get rid of Suarez? and they become lower table fodder.

    Suarez is a very very good footballer but he lets himself and the team down. He has problems. We’ve seen his handballs, fake diving, the Evra incident and now even his biting. I don’t know what the answer and yes he must be punished. But again it’s a bite, and as childish and bizarre as it is, it’s not a broken leg.

    1. You do bring up a very good point. Paul Scholes is certainly guilty of tackles that were much more harmful and dangerous than a bite. But biting is untolerated among adults and children are taught at a young age not to do it. It is rather taboo.

      Suarez has great talent, but you can’t score when on suspension. Getting rid of Suarez would be very harmful for the team, but there aren’t many other options.

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