FOX Soccer Adds Marquee EPL Sunday Matches to FOX Soccer 2Go

FOX Soccer has decided to add two marquee Premier League matches to its FOX Soccer 2Go platform.

Historically, the Sunday 11am ET Premier League matches are reserved for FOX Soccer and are not available for viewing on FOX’s FOX Soccer 2Go product until midnight that same time. However, FOX Soccer has decided to showcase two high profile matches on FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer 2Go over the next two weeks.

Those matches are the game between Liverpool and Chelsea, scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday, April 21) at 11am. And the Sunday April 28 match (11am ET) between Arsenal and Manchester United, which will also be shown on FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer 2Go.

Whether the reason is that FOX knows that the days are numbered for its FOX Soccer 2Go product, so it wants to go out with a bang, or the network has finally decided to give online viewers more choices, the benefit is the consumer who doesn’t have to be tied to his or her TV set to watch the matches live.

I wouldn’t be surprised if FOX Soccer adds a few more Sunday 11am ET fixtures to its FOX Soccer 2Go schedule especially seeing that FOX Soccer will no longer have the rights to the league after the season ends next month.

To see the latest schedule, visit our Premier League TV & Internet guide.

12 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Adds Marquee EPL Sunday Matches to FOX Soccer 2Go”

    1. Yeah, I guess it is. But it may convince a few people to sign up for one month so they can watch the games online or on their app.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer, I’m kinda coming around to NBC/Comcast taking over the EPL but have they given a definitive answer about on demand matches on their app? Recording10 matches a week (if my provider even carries the sub channels)would reak havoc on my DVRs storage capacity.

  1. Dear Fox, you suck and I can’t wait till august!!! FS+ is a rip off and all you care about is money! Good bye and good riddance

    PS: It was good while it lasted…

  2. Too little, too late, Fox. You had your chance and you blew it. People were willing to pay good dollars but you turned them down. I don’t see anyone who will pay now just to watch two or three matches. Might as well continue streaming it on footy sites.

  3. They should have had the games shown on Fox Soccer also shown on foxsoccer2go all along. Why just the 11 AM games, why not the other games as well?

    I hope NBC makes available all their games on their online streaming service.

    1. All of the games will be available on NBC’s streaming platform — NBC Sports Live Extra, as long as your TV provider has a deal with NBC to provide it to their customers.

      The Gaffer

  4. Or it’s just an oversight in part of Fox and you’ve just pointed that out for them, and I just cancelled my subscription with Fox Soccer since all of United’s matches are shown on ESPN and foxsoccer2go. So If thy took that off foxsoccer2go, I’m not a happy camper Gaffer.

    1. Nah, it’s not an oversight on their part. They’ve been advertising it on their website, so it’s intentional.

      The Gaffer

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