How the Premier League Table Would Look With Only Goals by Englishmen

Quality English footballers are a rarity in the Premier League, with more star foreign talent being signed by clubs who are looking for a bargain.

But if you were to re-do the Premier League table based on only goals scored by Englishmen, how would it look and who would be top?

Here’s the alternative league table:

One of the major reasons why Southampton are top of the table is because of one player — Rickie Lambert, who has scored 14 goals in the top flight this season.

Liverpool and Chelsea are buoyed by the goalscoring efforts of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard respectively.

Meanwhile Roberto Martinez’s Wigan Athletic are at the bottom of the table with their team comprised mostly of talent from around the world. Newcastle United, with their French contingent, are just two points above the Latics.

Any interesting observations from the above table that you’d like to point out? Share them in the comments section below.

H/T The Daily Mail.

4 thoughts on “How the Premier League Table Would Look With Only Goals by Englishmen”

  1. This is interesting but difficult to interpret. If a game was 3-2 by normal methods but all 3 goals were scored by non English men then it ends up 0-2 right ? So the original winners lose out and the original losers gain.

    In the end I have no idea what it REALLY means.

    Did they just remove non English scorers from each real result ?

    1. Or league as it would have been the season before the Premiership, as over 85% of 1st Division players were English. It was even unusual to have a whole team of internationals!

  2. If you take out the foreign players variable, there’s no guarantee that those English players would have scored in that match either.

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