Which 2 Clubs Would You Like to See Promoted to the Premier League Alongside Cardiff?

Now that Cardiff City have been promoted to the Premier League, there are still two places remaining to join the Welsh club in the top flight next season.

But who would you like to see promoted alongside Cardiff? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

Currently, the Championship table reads as follows:

The team that finishes second in the table at the end of the season (after 46 games) will join Cardiff. And then one of the teams that finishes third through sixth will get promoted after they win the Championship Playoff Final — one of the biggest matches in football.

So, who which two teams would you like to see joining Cardiff in the Premier League next season? Hull City (managed by Steve Bruce), Watford (under manager Gianfranco Zola), Brighton (with Gus Poyet in charge), Crystal Palace (the one-and-only Ian Holloway as manager), or Leicester, Bolton or Forest? Or very longshots Charlton or Middlesbrough (it ain’t over ’til it’s over).

Share your opinions in the comments section below!

15 thoughts on “Which 2 Clubs Would You Like to See Promoted to the Premier League Alongside Cardiff?”

  1. I miss Blackpool so there’s my vote even though they’re not coming up. I’m very proud for Cardiff. I’ve always been a fan of Craig Bellamy so I think it’s a great story he’s there for them as they get promoted.

    1. I agree with the vote for Blackpool, although they’re not playing the same free flowing style they did when they were up. Unfortunately they’ll need a new chairman before they ever see the Prem again. He pretty much pocketed all of the clubs Premiership $$ for him and his dad and drove Ian Holloway to Palace with his lack of spending.

  2. I can’t say I have any particular attraction to any of these clubs, so I’ll say Bolton….just because they have a few Americans on the roster (even if Tim Ream doesn’t even dress anymore and Stu Holden is loaned out while he recovers fitness). I’m not sure Ream is EPL quality, but Stu could be and it would be nifty to see him get that chance once his fitness returns.

  3. Millwall F.C:. A little bit of pepper in a every single game most boring Premier League ever =@
    Crystal Palace for Manager’s work =]]
    Hull will make it for sure =€

  4. Hull, because I always liked their kits. Particularly when they were a little more orange than gold back about 10 years ago. (Their 98-99 shirt is probably my favorite of all time for any non-City shirt)

    I’ll go with Forest for that 2nd spot, then, as I always had some affection for them.

    But pretty much anybody BUT the Boro would be okay. Still carry scars from getting hit in the head there by some rather nasty object once upon a time. Plus they were always a bogey club for City. Couldn’t ever get points off the, or so it seemed.

  5. Hull are pretty much promoted I think, Watford hasn’t been playing as well as they did over the winter. I would like to see one of Leicester or Nottingham Forest win the playoff.

  6. I’ve become a huge fan of Ian Holloway. At the start of the season I was pulling for Blackpool to come back up. But now I’m pulling for Crystal Palace.

    Holloway’s opinions are refreshingly honest. He also plays a very open style of football. Holloway appreciates how the Spanish clubs are producing talent in their youth systems and he thinks that Enlglish clubs have fallen behind in that aspect.

    I’ll never forget this interview:


    He’s a “football man”. I’ve heard it said before and I believe that Holloway is the definition of that.

  7. Leicester will do for me. Brighton will be my second choice. I think Hull will get the second automatic spot and unfortunately we will have to endure another season of Steve Bruce.

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