Premier League Tournament Could Come to USA In Next Few Years, Says Richard Scudamore

EXCLUSIVE: Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore is optimistic that a summer tournament, similar to the bi-annual Barclays Asia Trophy competition, could be held in the United States in the near future.

Scudamore was in New York City on Tuesday for the launch of NBC’s ambitious plans to showcase the Premier League on US television for 2013-2016.

In an exclusive interview with EPL Talk, Scudamore was asked whether an American version of a Barclays Trophy could be a possibility.

“I think certainly in the next few years. Obviously, [Premier League] clubs are used to coming [to the USA] anyway. Some clubs are going to be touring [the States] just after the season ends, and last year four or five clubs were here.

“I can see [a Premier League tournament happening] in the not too distant future. Who knows, maybe in the term of this broadcasting contract, what would be a Barclays America Trophy.”

The Barclays Asia Trophy is a summer tournament held every two years. This summer, the tournament will be held in Hong Kong, while the competition has been held in China, Thailand and Malaysia in previous years. The teams scheduled to play in Hong Kong this July are Manchester City, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur and South China FC.

What are your thoughts about the chances of a competitive tournament being played featuring Premier League sides on US soil in the next few years? Share your opinions below.

7 thoughts on “Premier League Tournament Could Come to USA In Next Few Years, Says Richard Scudamore”

  1. With the SJ Earthquakes new stadium opening next season… i’m sure it would be a great venue for such an event…

    The SF Bay area has a great Football Following an example is just last night Mexico Played Peru in a friendly at Candlestick park… without a bunch of stars like Chicharito and Dos Santos Etc…

    47,000 Turned up to watch the game…

    47,000 for a friendly between Mexico and Paru with no stars… it was impressive…

    The new 49er Stadium Im sure would be a great venue for such a tour too!

    make it happen!

  2. Patriot can play 1 of 16 regular season in Wembley,
    If they real care, Why MU or Chelsea can’t play one game at Boston?

  3. At a time when Americans are about to get almost total access to all 20 of the Premier League teams, why do they still need to have preseason friendlies?

      1. Playing some made up friendly isn’t going to win over new fans. The EPL is going to have to consider expanding to the U.S. if it ever wants to win over Americans.

        But FIFA rules prohibit it. And we already have MLS.

        At some point American soccer fans are going to be faced with a choice. Do we stop trying to be English wanabees with the EPL and build up our own league to world class level? Or domwe continue to bandwagon someone else’s league?

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