Stoke’s Geoff Cameron Speaks About His Fears in Moments Following Boston Bombing: The Daily EPL

Stoke City defender Geoff Cameron was raised in Boston and still has family in the area. When he heard about the bombing in Boston on Monday, he shared what happened next:

“I got a text message from a good friend in the States saying: ‘Have you heard about Boston? There’s been two bombings at the marathon. I switched on the news as I called mom, dad and the family to check they were alright, because some of them work downtown in Boston.

“Both my sisters run triathlons and I feared they would be running or cheering on their friends who are runners.

“It was tough seeing those graphic sights live, blood on the streets of Boston and wounded people everywhere.

“Thankfully dad answered right away and told me mom was safe and my sisters were okay too. But those few seconds waiting for dad to pick-up were the longest of my life.

“It was scary! I was angry, shocked, horrified, sad and scared at the same time. You get a text and suddenly your life is out of control for a moment and your heart stops beating until you hear dad’s voice saying: ‘Everyone’s safe, we’re well away from it.’

Our heart, prayers and condolences go out to all those impacted by the bombings in Boston.

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