FIFA 14 New Features Revealed; More Of a Focus On The Midfield [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Electronic Arts today unveiled the new features of its FIFA 14 video game, which will be released later this year.

New features include the ability to build play through midfield, dictate the tempo of a match and create rewarding opportunities.

Here’s a video that goes into more detail:

Specifically, the new features in FIFA 14 are:

Pure Shot – Players will alter their stride pattern/angle of approach to maximize their chances of hitting the back of the net.

Real Ball Physics – All trajectories will be more realistic, whether floating crosses in to the far post, hammering volleys, drilling low shots or attempting Ronaldo-style “knuckleball” freekicks.

Protect The Ball – Exactly what is says on the tin: Players will be able to fend-off, out-muscle and jostle for position with opponents while dribbling or waiting to receive a pass into feet before using their body to turn away from any close attention.

Teammate Intelligence – Your teammates will be more logical than ever, whether going forward as a unit, tracking runs, stepping up for offside or breaking up attacks coming the other way.

Sprint Dribble Turns – Enables players to turn in every direction at sprint speed while preserving momentum, delivering the control and confidence to take on defenders one-on-one.

Variable Dribble Touches – Introduces a variety of different touches when sprinting. Skilled players will have better touch and control while hurtling down the wings.

Global Scouting Network – FIFA 14 will let you scour the world for talent as a professional scout would. Pick your scout team and let them evaluate your transfer targets the world over. Who knows, you might even be able to cherry-pick the next Bebe from obscurity.

FIFA 14 will also feature:

  • Changes to FIFA Ultimate Team,
  • A new online mode that will encourage social competition,
  • Multiple new features to EA Sports Football Club,
  • More than 500 officially licensed clubs.

Here are several official screenshots from the game:

What are your impressions so far regarding the news about FIFA 14? Impressed, disappointed or indifferent? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “FIFA 14 New Features Revealed; More Of a Focus On The Midfield [PHOTOS & VIDEO]”

  1. I wonder if the next gen consoles will get a release this year? Either way, I see myself rolling with the PC version this iteration.

  2. Hate these early previews from EA. Firstly Cut-scene screenshots are useless. Who cares how good the annoying in game interludes are, in-game graphics is what matters. Also the key new features are pretty rubbish really The scouting thing seems to be basically what they have now. All tinkering without any meat. KEY IMPROVEMENTS NEEDED: Being able to switch player easier when the ball is in the air – if you already hit shoot to run and volley etc impossible to change player right now…and the past 4 fifas.
    Also lets be able to scout the opposition, find out their weakenesses, ie. Old CBs or small striker etc to tailor our pregame tactics.

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