Cardiff City Promoted to Premier League: The Nightly EPL

Cardiff City are promoted to the Premier League. The club needed a draw to clinch promotion from the nPower Championship tonight, and they got just that with a 0-0 draw, which is enough to mathematically move them up to the promised land of the Premiership.

Cardiff become only the second Welsh club ever to play in the Premier League. Speaking of Wales, is it time for Cardiff City’s Craig Bellamy to hang up his boots, or will he play for the Bluebirds for one more season especially since they’re now in the top flight of England?

Here’s video of Cardiff’s pitch invasion at the end of the match:

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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20 thoughts on “Cardiff City Promoted to Premier League: The Nightly EPL”

      1. And what equates a “suitable English” teams? Celtic have more history than most teams in the EPL and have more European Cups than your “suitable English” teams. Oh, and they have more passionate fans as well. The people on the British Isle need to realise it’s not ancient times anymore and that they not a bunch of waring states but are a united country.

        1. I take it you’re completely unaware of the impending Scottish vote for independence? Which should hopefully scupper nonsensical calls for Glaswiegan teams to play in the English League system.

          1. Also the last time I checked the Welsh have their own Premier League but the two best teams play in an “English” league.

          2. Well it’s the first time there will be a referendum called to decide it. If teams outside the English league system want to join fine. Quit the Scottish FA and start at the very bottom of the English league pyramid. Doing otherwise makes a mockery of both Swansea and Cardiff’s battles to make it to the top flight. Anything else would be akin to franchising the Premier League, at which point other European clubs e.g Ajax, PSV etc could argue to do the same thing.

          3. I don’t think Celtic should go right into the EPL but they shouldn’t start from the lowest. I think League One would be far.

            Also last time I looked at a map the Netherlands wasn’t part of the United Kingdom.

          4. Doesn’t make any difference. Rangers chairman was rumoured to be trying to use European laws on restrictions of trade to manipulate their way directly intothe Premier League, it’s said if that worked there would be nothing to stop ‘foreign’ teams using the same tactic.

            If they were daft enough to allow it they should both start in the BSP at the very highest point, this being the lowest position at which professional teams operate in England. Cardiff and Swansea have both fought their way up from League 2 without the advantages of either Glasgow club.

            The thought of thousands of belligerent Scots rampaging around England every weekend would be a nightmare to police. Just look at the state of Manchester after Rangers UEFA cup visit there. Their presence would draw all the other English idiots out of the woodwork, and in terms of attendance (which are generally high anyway) the Scottish presence provides. no advantage for any top flight club. It would purely be for the benefit of the TV viewer with little positive impact on the Scottish national side or leagues either.

            If the vote for independence is successful this should hopefully kill the argument stone dead.

  1. Football showed its ugly head this passed weekend, but moments like this really typify’s what makes it such an amazing game… evry fan in that stadium is celebrating like they have just won hte lottery… incredible scenes, just like Southampton last year.

    i hope they can behave themselves… both legs of this new BPL derby will be quite the show.

    Can help but think welsh football is benefiting from the quality they play against in the BPL and english divisions.

    Makes you why the Scots are being so bloddy stubborn and why they dont just integrate with the english leagues, Glasgow Rangers in the BPL would be quite something and do wonders for scottish football… i’d rather have Glasgow Rangers in the BPL that QPR or sunderland…

    congrats… Great scenes……

    I’m sure Gaffer is not happy they’re there, they have money bag owners too.. and they’ll spend it… this summer is gonna be crazy for the transfer market…just crazy

    1. Cardiff City could be another QPR. There are a lot more question marks about the side and the team than with Swansea when they came up. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cardiff’s Asian owners make more changes over the summer to upset their supporters, such as changing the name of the team and getting rid of their Bluebirds crest.

      The Gaffer

  2. Good for Cardiff! They have been flirting w/ promotion for the past few years it seems. Now come on York stay up! Would love to see this in America, but apparently our system is so perfect that we don’t need promotion and relegation. Sorry a bit bitter atm w/ MLS and the USSF.

  3. I think this is huge for the EPL as it gives them another derby that is just as contentious with fans as any other EPL derby. Now both Cardiff and Swansea will be looking at the fixture list and highlighting the games they play against each other.

    I think Bellamy will stay with Cardiff for another season as he has experience that can be useful to the club. He can help the youngsters with his experience. That is if the owners don’t make wholesale changes.

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