Live From New York, It’s EPL Talk… Covering NBC’s Premier League TV Coverage Announcements

I’m in New York City tonight preparing for tomorrow’s press conference where NBC is expected to announce its Premier League coverage plans for the 2013-14 season.

The press conference begins Tuesday, April 16 at 10am ET. NBC executives plus Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore will be speaking to an audience of gathered journalists. I’ll be there representing EPL Talk and getting all of the details about NBC’s coverage plans.

Two things:

1) EPL Talk will be providing you wall-to-wall coverage tomorrow as soon as we get the details (as long as the WiFi access cooperates), so be sure to check throughout the day for breaking news.

2) If you have any questions in particular that you’d like me to ask, please suggest them in the comments section below. I can’t promise I’ll be able to ask them all, but I want to make sure I leave no stone unturned.

Due to the press conference tomorrow, we’ll be skipping The Daily EPL tomorrow to give you as much content as possible about NBC’s plans for how it’s going to bring the Premier League to soccer fans across the United States.

19 thoughts on “Live From New York, It’s EPL Talk… Covering NBC’s Premier League TV Coverage Announcements”

    1. Exactly, will all games be shown either live or delay on an NBC owned channel?

      And will there some kind of online season subscription?

  1. Gaffer,

    Just a question to allow us to determine how to interpret tomorrow’s and future remarks.

    In interest of full disclosure, are you being remunerated for this trip? If so, how and by whom?

  2. 1) will all games be streamed
    2) will games be available on demand, not just live
    3) will nbc sports extra live be available to most sat/cable viewers, right now there are only a handful and the majority of people won’t be able to access.
    4) how many games on average will be on TV on a weekend and will other channels than Nbc Sports be utilized
    5) will later games on week days be shown
    6) will NBC Sports be producing per weekend shows and/or Match of the Day type recap shows. How about coverage of things like deadline transfer day?

  3. what takes priority for nbc sports network-Formula 1 or EPL as there will be some congestion especially with F1 races in europe

    1. I’m asking because I honestly don’t know: does F1 have a following even remotely close to the EPL here in the States?

  4. Where will the commentators be? At the grounds or in a studio. If it is split, what percentage of the games will be commentated on from the studio.

  5. Which channels specifically will be used for over-load games?

    Also, will they replay games on NBCSN like they do Formula One?

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