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FOX Soccer Near Deal to Show New Soccer Tournament in US Beginning This Summer: The Nightly EPL


fox soccer logo FOX Soccer Near Deal to Show New Soccer Tournament in US Beginning This Summer: The Nightly EPL

FOX Soccer is reportedly working on a deal to televise a brand-new soccer tournament that will launch this summer featuring eight prominent teams playing exhibition matches around the United States, with the final to be played at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium in early August, according to reports in Sports Illustrated and Sports Business Journal.

Details are sketchy (a press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow), but teams reportedly interested in participating include Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and Juventus. One or more teams from England and Germany are also expected to compete.

The single-elimination tournament is named the International Champions Cup and is being spearheaded by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. The winning team in the tournament will reportedly receive $1 million in prize money.

The tournament will be featured on FOX Soccer this summer, while FOX Sports 1 will televise the matches in the summer of 2014 and 2015.

RSE Ventures is also organizing the pair of Manchester City-Chelsea friendlies in the US in May as well as the friendlies between Spain and Haiti plus Spain and Ireland.

Which Premier League team(s) would you like to see participating in the tournament? Let us know in the comments section below.

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20 Responses to FOX Soccer Near Deal to Show New Soccer Tournament in US Beginning This Summer: The Nightly EPL

  1. Ying says:

    Of course MU, but not gonna happen.

  2. Mysterious.j says:

    Shortly after this is over, Fox Soccer will disappear as well. By September, most Americans who had 3 soccer-specific channels available to them late last year will be down to ONE.

  3. Dean Stell says:

    That’s mildly interesting I guess. That’s not that much money though. I’d imagine that’s only a little more than these big European teams get for these “meaningless” summer friendlies.

  4. EPLNFL says:

    I think focusing on a specific soccer branded station is now not necessary. Good news for US fans who may see top flight soccer at home instead of on TV. Soccer is here to stay in the US and it will now be part of mainstream sports coverage.

    We always knew FOX Sports had a commitment to soccer and this just shows their court her commitment to it.

  5. ed of course says:

    International Champions Cup – Isn’t that played in December? Or World Club Championship? Whichever, whenever, both are meaningless exhibitions whatever they’re named.

    Two of the locations are Phoenix and Indianapolis, hotbeds of soccer, and Miami is always pleasant in July.

    But, money is to be made. There are several underused, empty stadiums to attract the “extravaganza.” Then, there is FOX Sports with a lot of EPL reruns to offer as their summer fare. Both will hope to profit.

    Quite remarkable how promoters can get people to buy into this nonsense.

    • Chris says:

      Negativity like this is so… boring. Meaningless? It’s a sport, of course it’s meaningless, that’s why it exists. It’s entertainment. It’s supposed to be a distraction, not your life’s meaning.

      A tournament to replace or coincide with summer friendlies is less meaningless than summer friendlies alone. A million bucks plus increased US presence is worth something to the marketing aims of any club. The US is a market ready to explode. All it takes is one A-list celebrity jumping on a club’s bandwagon.

      • ed of course says:

        A tournament to replace or coincide with summer friendlies is less meaningless than summer friendlies alone.

  6. dano328 says:

    I’d like to find out who are the most supported teams are in the whole country and by region. I’ll assume MU has the biggest following with Arsenal/Chelsea/Spurs pretty close to 2nd most supported.

    A tournament like this would help answer these questions, but we would probably not see first teams players.

    Many teams want to go to the Far East every summer it seems. They know they aren’t going to lose the American support.

  7. Frank says:

    The best thing to do for this new tournament would be to invite all the teams that finished first in their respective countries (England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland and France). Otherwise, it will be just another preseason tournament of the type that already exists where random teams participate.

  8. Matt says:

    German clubs don’t generally come to the US, I remember Bayern coming with a “B” team after the 2006 World Cup but thats about it. Most of the German teams stay in their world class facilities in Germany for pre-season training, don’t get the sense they care too much about global branding outside of Asia where they bring in tons of players from there

    • Philswin08 says:

      FC Schalke was in the US a few summers ago and played the Philly Union and I’m assuming a few other teams.German sides touring the States are rare but it does happen. As far as what Premier League team I’d want to participate: Spurs. I don’t think they’ve announced any summer tour plans yet.

  9. Funkhowser says:

    NEWCASTLE UNITED !!!!!!. Please come to the west coast….

  10. Philswin08 says:

    I attended Real Madrid vs Celtic in Philadelphia last summer which was a part of the World Football Challange. Don’t even know what that is to be honest. Is there a trophy for that? I do know Celtic came over for the game WHILE the SPL season was under way so there must be some significant financial rewards at least.

  11. Dave says:

    There are lots of these soccer tournaments in preseason. This one will be just like the rest. Not very interesting.

    Unless you can get the best teams in Europe to participate it won’t be anything special.

  12. Chris says:

    Tottenham!! They will win it all. COYS

  13. Mamolina says:

    how about REAL SOCIADAD or Athletic Bilbao. OK, maybe not a lot of fans here but play it is Boise or Reno, or even SF.

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