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David Beckham’s Promise Remains Unfulfilled

david beckham David Beckhams Promise Remains Unfulfilled

When you heard that David Beckham would donate his salary for his five-month stint with Paris Saint-German to various Parisian children’s charities what did you think?

  • A) What a kind gesture!
  • B) Beckís has been researching the new French tax laws!
  • C) This is the Brand Beckham PR machine at itís finest!

Well, ten weeks later, we’re in a better position to make a judgement. The Beckham camp insists that the wheels are in motion, but the PSG spokesmen Yann Guerin offered the following quote:

“No decision has yet been made. We are considering various options.”

When further pressed on whether an announcement of the selected charity would be made in short order, Mr. Guerin said he couldn’t say at this point.

Give a ton of credit The Independent as their investigative reporting shows little has been done to secure any possible candidates. Several groups have sent requests to PSG but they were replied to with a pro-forma letter and none of them could claim that they’ve received any follow-up contact.

The Brand Beckham PR machine really needs to up their efforts towards settling this issue or they will cast a bad light on the player. “Goldenballs” has piled up the cash throughout his career. This is further evident when you consider the Beckham Info Graphic below. It’s high time that Becks makes sure that he follows through on his promise.

david beckham infographic David Beckhams Promise Remains Unfulfilled

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6 Responses to David Beckham’s Promise Remains Unfulfilled

  1. Evan says:

    So much money.

  2. Frill Artist says:


  3. dust says:

    I see nothing wrong with any of those numbers. good luck to him… it’s the millions that the FIFA officials get for their votes in choosing world cups and other international investments in football.

    absolute rotters

  4. Tony Butterworth says:

    I thought this article was going to be about the “promise” he showed as a youngster being unfulfilled.

    That’s not a joke.

  5. christian says:

    Wow, very interesting.

  6. niko says:

    So much money! This is crazy.
    Very interesting article. Thank you.

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