Sunderland Manager Paolo Di Canio’s 3 Brilliant Goal Celebrations Against Newcastle [VIDEO]

Who would have expected three brilliant goals by Sunderland and three brilliant goal celebrations by manager Paolo Di Canio, which trumped the meager goal celebrations by the players who scored the goal?

Despite a goal by Newcastle United that should have counted but was incorrectly called off because of offside, Sunderland completely dominated Newcastle United at St. James’ Park today beating them 3-0 in a game where they could have easily had two penalty decision awarded their way but weren’t called.

Goal celebration #1 (goal by Stephane Sessegnon):

Di Canio by Samu21213

Goal celebration #2 (goal by Adam Johnson):

NEW 0-2 SUN by Samu21213

Goal celebration #3 (goal by David Vaughan):

Paolo Di Canio Celebration to Newcastle Fans by lfmostar

You can take the manager off the pitch, but you can’t take the footballer out of the manager. Expect Di Canio to give his players some additional training next week on how to do a goal celebration. Sessegnon, Johnson and Vaughan — you have a lot of work to do to catch up with your manager.

The win by Sunderland is bad news for Wigan, Stoke City and Aston Villa as Sunderland has leapfrogged all of them and are heading to safety if they continue like they played today.

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