Newcastle United Supporters Clash With Police; 29 Arrested, 4 Police Officers Injured [VIDEO]

Twenty nine football supporters have been arrested and four police officers have been injured following hooliganism during and after today’s Tyne-Wear derby between Newcastle United and Sunderland.

Bottles were thrown and garbage cans were set ablaze after police officers tried to escort the Newcastle supporters back to the city center. One Newcastle United hooligan tried to fight a police officer on a horse (see video below).

Of the four police officers injured, none of the injuries were serious.

According to Northumbria Police, “Following the match there were a series of sporadic incidents of disorder in Newcastle city centre involving what appear to be Newcastle United supporters. The most serious incident involved a group of Newcastle fans in Central Station attempting to confront Sunderland supporters, but they were intercepted by officers from British Transport Police. During this incident missiles were thrown at the officers, which resulted in three injuries to officers, one of them requiring assessment at hospital. In total 29 people were arrested throughout the day, in the main for public order type offences.”

It’s been a disgraceful weekend in English football — one of the worst in recent memory. First, there were the disrespectful banners and chants by Liverpool supporters at Reading. Second, there were the scenes of Millwall supporters fighting police and fellow fans at Wembley. Third, there was the pitch invasion by Portsmouth supporters at Brentford. And now this, Newcastle United supporters causing trouble after the Tyne-Wear derby.

Sunderland’s 3-0 victory against Newcastle was the first win by the Black Cats at St James’s Park in 13 years.

14 thoughts on “Newcastle United Supporters Clash With Police; 29 Arrested, 4 Police Officers Injured [VIDEO]”

  1. The Gaffer
    You pretty well nailed it very disgraceful weekend for English football.make Newcastle Millwall and Portsmouth play next home match with a empty stadium,what else can you do maybe deduct a word SAD!

  2. And that’s exactly why the police insist on a 12pm kick off. Can you imagine if it was at 4pm after a full day in the pub? Ouch!

  3. I hope the FA and the premier league act swiftly and decisively… There is no place in the game for this. Zero tolerance.. Deduct points, relegate, play games behind doors, find TV money.

    Embarrassing behavior…

    The punishment has to be harsh to force clubs to be more proactive. Same punishments that apply to Millwall should apply to Newcastle

  4. One other act I’ve not seen reported anywhere, someone was stabbed outside of Goodison Saturday after the match with QPR. Was there a full moon or something?

  5. This is what happens when fans drink. There is too much drinking in England and the knobheads will continue to cause trouble. This type of behavior is not restricted to soccer. It happens in other sports, including cricket.

    As long as the pubs are open this will continue to happen. They need to use video footage and ban these people for life from entering any sports stadium. There has to be a serious deterent.

  6. It’s as if there was a co-ordinated effort to disrupt football… It makes no sense that these incidents just randomly happened the weekend after Maggie Thatcher died.

    Portsmouth Football Club are saved and then invade a pitch to celebrate? How nonsensical is that…..

    Millwall are Millwall so that is not that strange, but Newcastle fighting? This isn’t the first derby, 5-1 was a recent score in that derby and I don’t remember incidents like this….

    It’s just very strange…

    1. It could be a side-effect of the economic climate out there with people being disillusioned and upset at the authorities. Just a thought.

      The Gaffer

      1. Perhaps, just strange it’s all on one weekend. Portsmouth pitch invasion is very strange, officially owned by the supporters after a huge effort to make that happen, surely it jeopardizes their status?

        Anyways… Just a thought

    1. I’m getting ready to head up to New York City for the NBC Sports press conference on Tuesday morning where they’ll announce their plans for EPL coverage, so I’m not going to have time to run a poll. Sorry, but it’s a great idea.

      I’ll be reporting live from NYC on all day Tuesday with hopefully good news for EPL fans.

      The Gaffer

      1. Have good & safe trip, I hope they have some great things to announce.

        it’ll be interesting if they address any questions about this weekends fan violence.

        I look forward to your coverage.

  7. Who said the hooliganism is not a problem in the UK anymore? Good thing Chelsea doesn’t play Millwall in the cup final. Looking forward to your reports tomorrow Gaffer.

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