Chelsea vs Manchester City, FA Cup Semi-Final: Open Thread

Will it be Chelsea or Manchester City that will book a place in the FA Cup Final against Wigan Athletic?

Chelsea takes on Manchester City today at Wembley in a match where David Silva is out injured, which could have a devastating impact on Manchester City’s chances of making it through to the final.

Chelsea starting XI: Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz, Ramires, Mata, Oscar, Mikel, Hazard, Azpilicueta, Ba, Bertrand

Torres, Lampard and Terry are on the bench for the Blues.

Manchester City starting XI: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Clichy, Kompany, Nastasic, Barry, Milner, Y Toure, Nasri, Aguero, Tevez

Based on Silva not playing combined with Chelsea’s prowess at Wembley and in cup tournaments, you have to give Chelsea the edge in this one.

Here’s Rafa Benitez on Chelsea’s chances in their FA Cup Semi Final against Manchester City:

Before, during or after today’s FA Cup semi-final, join the conversation in the comments section below.

17 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Manchester City, FA Cup Semi-Final: Open Thread”

  1. Without Silva for City I make this an even game. The loss of Cole at left back for Chelsea is a huge loss espceially with Milner playing on City’s right and Zabaleta overlapping. Bertrand will have his hands full.

    Chelsea will be very competitive in midfield and this is where Silva’s absence will benefit Chelsea. Really looking forward to this game.

  2. Big match for Gary Taphouse to commentate alongside Stewart Robson.

    As an aside, I love the TV camera angles at Wembley. Games at Wembley always look so great on television.

    The Gaffer

  3. Chelsea fans giving it the “champions of Europe” song already always sounds a bit desperate to me. Eliminated months ago, I’ll be so glad to never hear that again after this season.

    All that is wrong with English football on full display at Wembley. Can we just award the cup to Wigan?

    1. Manchester City are completely in control of this match so far but, without scoring a goal, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea scores one on the counter-attack to open this match up.

      The Gaffer

  4. A couple of interesting stats from Opta Joe:

    Both of Manchester City’s games at Wembley in the 2011 FA Cup ended in 1-0 victories

    Samir Nasri’s goal vs Chelsea was his first in 21 appearances for Manchester City.

    The Gaffer

  5. Brilliant stuff in general. I will give Chelsea all the credit in the world for hanging in like this after that absurd fixtures list and recent travel. City could have had a couple more, so if Chelsea comes back to snatch this my respect is out to them in a big way.

    But I just have to love Yaya Toure bulling his way at will through Twiggy, Kate Moss, and the rest of those waifs CFC has out there. Set up Nasri quite nicely after one of those ownings, in fact.

  6. City have dominated and Chelsea haven’t created any chances. They only one had one attempt on goal which was cleared off the line. Chelsea do look tired and even if some of them didn’t play in Moscow on Thursday they still travelled and that must take its toll as well.

    Let’s see what Benitez can change tactically in the second half for Chelsea to be more competitive.

  7. Where was this City team all season. Dominated united last week and taking the p*ss with Chelsea this week. The mercenaries would be running away with the league if they had shown this sort of form.

    Nice to see Terry sulking on the subs bench. If Rafa has done one thing it’s take that big head down a peg.

  8. Chelsea are such a loaded club. When they get the right manager and he’s left to actually grow the team they’ll be unstoppable.

    Today, luckily, MCFC held on and get to play in the final.

  9. City’s man of the match was easily Chris Foy. A penalty turned down and Aguero should have been sent off. Foy isn’t competent to ref a pub league game.

  10. Kompany should have been sent off on that shirt-pulling on Torres and a penalty given to Chelsea. That could have changed the result. Aguero also deserved a red for his stomp on Luiz. But the penalty is the one that could have changed the game immediately.

  11. Let me first say this, I personally cannot stand Torres. With that said, this is one of my major complaints with officials in not only football, but many sports. Torres actually plays it honest and doesn’t flop when fouled. What is his reward? Nothing being called.

    Simulation has become a black mark on the sport, but yet in a way it is the officials fault. If they called a foul without players diving, then diving would not be the huge problem it is today.

    Sorry, I just had to vent.

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