FOX Soccer Interrupts Arsenal-Norwich Match With beIN Sport Broadcast [PHOTO]

fox soccer forest cardiff 600x448 FOX Soccer Interrupts Arsenal Norwich Match With beIN Sport Broadcast [PHOTO]

During today’s match between Arsenal and Norwich City that is being televised live on FOX Soccer, FOX accidentally interrupted the broadcast in the 28th minute to show 30 seconds of beIN Sport’s live coverage of Nottingham Forest against Cardiff City.

The 30 second interruption showed Cardiff City scoring a goal to take the lead.

Someone at FOX Soccer is either a closet Cardiff City supporter, or accidentally sat on one of the control buttons. Whoops!

5 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Interrupts Arsenal-Norwich Match With beIN Sport Broadcast [PHOTO]”

  1. For a moment I thought Cox here in CT was finally offering beIN to replace Fox Soccer. Oh well, now I know it was Fox’s doing. Still, it was bizarre.

    1. Ah, maybe it’s part of their public service efforts to educate Premier League supporters about what’s going on in the Championship.

      Of all of the teams they had to show scoring a goal, it had to be Cardiff City, eh?! ;)

      The Gaffer

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