Roy Hodgson Attacks Clubs for Treating International Breaks as Holiday: The Nightly EPL

Roy Hodgson came out Thursday on the attack, saying that too many Premier League clubs treat internationals as a vacation. Hmm, maybe everyone should stop calling it the international break, for starters?!

“These breaks are being seen as the 10-day break that you don’t always get during the season. It concerns me that we are guilty of accepting it’s the international break so we can give the player 10 days off to go to Dubai. I would still like to see the international break being a time when players go to play for their international teams, and it is seen as an important time.

“If you’re a club manager now you’ve got no excuse. Uefa are putting an end to the friendly debate by putting them in clearly defined international dates so you can quite easily plan your time around these blocks. If your players need a rest it’s not obligatory that it has to be during the international break. It can be done during the other 40-odd weeks of the year when they are with their clubs.”

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6 thoughts on “Roy Hodgson Attacks Clubs for Treating International Breaks as Holiday: The Nightly EPL”

    1. I’m sure most clubs are the same way. Sure players who aren’t selected might get a extra day or two rest but they definitely aren’t given 10 days off to sit around and do nothing.

  1. To suggest any EPL club should rest players during the season just so they are available for International duty is ludicrous.

    The clubs pay the players wages and have every right to not to want players who are injured or not fully recovered from a injury taking part in a internationals.

    The rules are pretty straight foreword if a club says a player is injured and that player gets selected for international duty the FA can still make the player report to camp to verify the injury. If I’m not mistaken that’s exactly what happened with Steven Gerrard a couple seasons ago. If the FAs medical staff then clear the player to play then its up to the player to go against his clubs wishes. How many players making 100k a week are going to jeopardize a club career for a pointless match against San Marino. What any player does in his own free time during the international break is nobody’s business.

  2. My personal view of this is: who cares. I appreciate having some matches to watch in the offseason of the EPL, but I don’t like the international breaks that get in the way of the season.
    I don’t really care that much about international football and certainly not if any player from my team gets injured during their time playing.
    Again, it’s just my personal view of it, so I really have a hard time sympathizing with Hodgson’s complaints here. Like Mufc77 said, the club is the one paying the wages.

  3. Well, he might have a point if he was picking players from Southampton, West Brom and the like…. But You have teams like Man U and Chelsea, where he seems to love to gather his players.. well Roy, guess you never managed a club that has face fixture congestion like Chelsea and Man u have this season. Some players at top clubs will pay over 70 matches this year for club and country. And club managers are tiring of the friendly arranged just as a FA money grab. It’s one thing to play a Japan or Nigeria as a World Cup approaches… and yet another when you play Brazil or Holland during qualification. And this all started back when England played Trinidad on a 3rd rate pitch in the heat for no reason, but to grease the hands of WC voters during the WC Host run in. So Roy, don’t treat us like idiots and demonize the clubs. They at least are honest about their free market desires…

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