Get Your Predictions in for Beat The Manager, Gameweek 33

Don’t forget to get your predictions in for the free prediction game Beat The Manager before Saturday at 6:30am ET.

After gameweek 38 finishes, we’ll be awarding the winner an Apple iPad Mini (plus we still owe you the leaderboard after gameweek 24 and 30).

If you haven’t played Beat The Manager before, start today. A new iPad Mini will be awarded after Gameweek 30. It’s free to play. You get to pick the team that you think your manager should select. You also get to select the side that you think your manager will pick. And you get a chance to predict the final score for your chance to amass the points. If you haven’t played before, be sure to register first.

Play Beat The Manager today!

6 thoughts on “Get Your Predictions in for Beat The Manager, Gameweek 33”

  1. Gaffer, I’m not sure I’ve seen a leader board since around week 16 or so. Any idea when we’re going to get an update on where we stand?

    I ask because last time I saw one I was around eighth place or thereabouts, which puts me in the running, maybe, for one of the iPads.

    1. My apologies for the delays. The last leaderboard that was posted was for Gameweek 18. The DBA gave me the leaderboard for Gameweek 32, but I don’t want to post that one until I post the one for Gameweek 24. I hope to get it in the next several days, and will post it live to EPL Talk at that time.

      Thanks for your patience.

      The Gaffer

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