Ferguson Hits Back at Hodgson, Says His Players Are Fed Up With Meaningless Friendlies: The Daily EPL

Sir Alex Ferguson has hit back at England manager Roy Hodgson who yesterday complained that Premier League clubs don’t take international breaks seriously.

In today’s press conference, Ferguson said “I have no issue with competitive games. Players should always be available for those. I do have an issue with friendlies.”

“International football interferes with the club ambitions,” said the manager. Ferguson also criticized the friendlies that are played the Wednesday before new seasons begin.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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2 thoughts on “Ferguson Hits Back at Hodgson, Says His Players Are Fed Up With Meaningless Friendlies: The Daily EPL”

  1. For once I agree with old whiskey nose. International friendlies are meaningless and are played at the most inopportune times in the season.

    They should play international friendlies and qualification games during a winter break of 2-3 weeks and another for about 2-3 weeks before the season begins or at the end of the season. Makes more sense as it would give the national teams some continuity. They would also attract more attention from fans.

    1. I like the idea of having a mini-season for international games. Maybe one in the middle of the season and one at the end. managers of national teams will be able to work with their players for more than a few days and they will also have more than one game to prepare for and play.

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