Arlo White Expected To Be Announced As EPL Announcer for NBC Sports

EXCLUSIVE: Arlo White, the voice of MLS on NBC, is expected to be announced next week as the lead play-by-play announcer for NBC’s coverage of the English Premier League, according to an EPL Talk source.

White moved from England to the United States in 2010 where he became the voice of MLS team Seattle Sounders. In March 2012, White became the play-by-play commentator for all MLS and US Men’s National Team games televised on NBC and NBC Sports Network. The 2013-14 Premier League season kicks off in August.

During his time with NBC covering MLS games, White quickly became a fan favorite among many soccer fans with his no-nonsense style. His knowledge of the game combined with his unmistakable voice will be a major boost to NBC’s coverage of the Premier League, scheduled for 2013-2016.

NBC has already confirmed that presenter Rebecca Lowe will be fronting NBC’s Premier League coverage, while Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe are expected to be confirmed as match analysts.

Slowly but surely, the pieces are coming together in regards to how NBC Sports will broadcast the Premier League to a US audience. More will be revealed next Tuesday when NBC Sports have scheduled a press conference where EPL Talk will be on hand to share the news.

What are your thoughts about Arlo White becoming the lead commentator for NBC’s coverage of the Premier League? And what’s your opinion about NBC adopting an approach of presumably having their own talent commentating the big match each weekend?

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  1. I’m curious as to how this is going to work. Is NBC just going to use him for one big game a week and use the local feeds for the other games? Or are they going to have their own teams for every game they air?

    I’m actually going to miss him from MLS broadcasts. I’m a Sounders fan and his one man booth was kind of awesome. He actually worked pretty hard to learn the league and is going to be hard to replace on the MLS broadcasts.

  2. The big question is will he and mustoe/earle call the games from England or from CT? The standard has been set by Darke/Macca doing games live.

    1. Great point- having Darke & Macca onsite really helps the viewer feel the atmosphere and energy of the stadium. I hope NBC’s production doesn’t feel as remote and removed from Fox’s does now.

      And speaking of Darke, is he completely tied down to ESPN or could NBC hire him for EPL games as moonlighter?

  3. Is he moving back to the UK? Part of the reason Darke and McManamon work is because they are there pitchside. I’m all against him calling this from broadcast boothe in the US. Very unsure of this move.. The TWI stable of commentators are top notch… I hope we won’t lose on quality here. I honestly haven’t heard him call any matches so I don’t have an opinion yet… Does well with Darts. Also, any indication who would be his co-commentator? I understood Earle and Mustoe we to be pre/post match analysis… I guess more to come.. At least we didn’t get a Gus Johnson


    1. Ian’s contract is up this year (although he still has the 2014 WC on his plate), so he could conceivably return to the UK TV scene.

    2. There was a report that Darke is likely going to be the lead play by play guy for BT and their 38 games they have rights to in the UK market.

      I haven’t heard anything about Macca.

        1. What are Darke/Macca going to call next season for the WWL?

          My guess is that they will work for ESPN in the Summers on World Cup/Euros and will find other work during the season now that ESPN doesn’t have the EPL contract for the US/UK.

          Darke already has to have a freelance deal because he still does voiceover work for IMG/PLP on their shows like the Preview Show and on Premier League World.

  4. Goodbye Premier League…Goodbye NBCSports. I will never get the chance to know you.

    I despise Arlo White.

    Too bad, I was looking forward to enjoying Rebecca Lowe. I knew what NBCSports had already announced was too good to be true.

        1. Gaffer, thanks for everything, it’s been great. We will miss you, but we all have to go…

          The American Voice of Soccer
          Me Too

    1. Despise? That’s pretty harsh. Is he the best play by play guy on earth, no. But there are far, far worse. The upgrade from Kevin Calabro to Arlo for the Sounders was huge.

    2. Wow, a bit dramatic, aren’t we? Surely if you can suffer through GuJo, Arlo White shouldn’t be a problem. He, at minimum, knows the sport. I actually think NBC could have made a lot worse choice then Arlo White.

  5. So who is going to man MLS games? I guess Dellacamera will when there is no Philadelphia Union game.

    Arlo White is better suited for radio. His voice and excitement is great but sometimes he overtalks and describes literally everything that’s going on in the game. Oh well, great move for him and I still look forward to NBC’s coverage.

    1. I think a lot of his over talking came from being in a one man booth for Seattle. When you’re the only one talking, you need to talk more. I think having Kyle Martino not actually in the booth also doesn’t help him much.

        1. Strong is a freelancer. He has appeared on both NBCSN during their MLS coverage and on FSC for their EPL & UEFA Cup coverage.

          John Strong has a Billy Rafferty deal where he can work for different networks on different days like Raff does for ESPN and CBS for College Hoops.

  6. Does anyone know whom NBC will use as announcers for the games that are not that weekend’s “big game” ? Will they just use the feed from British TV ? I sure hope so.

  7. Gaffer,
    I’m sure a lot of people don’t know much about Arlo White’s commentating. Do you have anything we could watch/listen to that might help us?

  8. Don’t know anything about Arlo white but I wouldn’t be against John strong being involved in the new set up. I’ve be impressed with what I’ve seen from him over the last 2 month on FSC. Surely it can’t be that hard for NBC to poach him from that other failing station.

    I just do see Arlo white being in England every week to cover 2-3 big matches which will end up being a disaster, hasn’t NBC learned anything in the last 3 months.

  9. i knew NBC would f this deal up and they are with arlo being the lead announcer.just going to have to deal with talksport for my audio.oh well it was fun to think nbc would do the right thing but no, shove some jackwagon down our throat.

    1. I thought you couldn’t get live premier league games broadcast here in the USA. Have I been missing something all this time?

      1. Talksport has radio commentary that you can listen to. Sometimes the problem is that they are not synchronized with the video you are watching.

        Talksport is great for games you cannot get to watch as you can at least follow the radio commentary.

  10. I would like Phil Schoen as a replacement but I know that won’t happen. John Strong is alright. Just as long as it’s not Steve Canglialosi. Stick to Devils hockey. Along the same lines, JP should stick to Philly Union and US Youth games. Heck, I really wouldn’t mind GuJo doing MLS games. He made SJ Earthquakes games relevant. 😉

    I think it’s going to come down between Strong, Glenn Davis, Dave Johnson or (very outside shot, because I don’t think ESPN releases him) Adrian Healey. Maybe there’s a name that comes out of nowhere, like a Kate Markgraf.

    1. No, no, no. Not Phil Schoen, please! He is just a loud talker who is truly bad despite doing soccer commentating at Gol Tv and BeIn for La Liga games for a few seasons. I swear he gets worse the longer he covers soccer.

      1. I should’ve realized that I walked into a Schoen-haters club. lol

        Look, he’s not going anywhere, anyway, so I don’t care all that much.

        It’s possible that there won’t be a permanent voice for MLS games, just a series of announcers whenever they’re available. Probably a name we haven’t heard before.

  11. Gaffer,
    Do you know if Comcast/NBC will be revealing their online streaming strategy at their presser? They take the reigns in about 4 months and have been very quiet about streaming plans.

      1. They announced today that NBC Sports Live Extra was going to be streaming EPL. It’s tied to your cable company though, so if you don’t have NBC Sports, I doubt you can use it.

      2. Great! What I’m specifically interested in is a stand alone option like Foxsoccer 2go. Not optimistic but hopefull!

  12. Gaffer,
    Please ask about if they believe they will have the majority of providers available for NBC sports live extra by the start of next season. Right now it is a pretty small list. Seems madness to pay for those streaming rights and most people can’t watch.
    Also ask if they plan to have the games available to play on demand as foxsoccer2go does or if they will only be live streams.
    Also, I would like to know how many live games they expect to show on TV each weekend, if they also plan to show Monday and midweek games that are on later, and what channels they plan to use to show the different games.

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