Only 3 of 6 Stadiums Ready for This Summer’s Confederations Cup in Brazil

Only three of six stadiums are ready for the 2013 Confederations Cup, scheduled for Brazil this summer.

“Not all operational arrangements will be 100 percent” for the Confederations Cup, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke wrote on FIFA’s website. “The deadline for the FIFA World Cup stadiums delivery stands firm as December 2013. There will be no compromise.”

FIFA originally demanded that all six stadiums be ready by December 2012, but the deadline was moved to April 15.

According to Reuters, the cities of Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and Salvador have complied with the timetable and delivered their stadiums, while Recife will open its Arena Pernambuco on Sunday, one day ahead of the final FIFA deadline. However, the remaining stadiums are still behind schedule.

Brazil officials are convinced that the stadiums will be ready for this summer’s tournament even though they won’t be 100% finished. Officials will then need to hurry up the completion of the stadiums after the tournament is over.

The 2013 Confederations Cup will kick off on June 15 between Brazil and Japan. The other teams competing are Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Italy, Nigeria and Tahiti. For viewers in the United States, all matches will be televised by ESPN.

2 thoughts on “Only 3 of 6 Stadiums Ready for This Summer’s Confederations Cup in Brazil”

  1. Again, you can buy the World Cup but someone will end up with egg on their face. U.S. will be on standby probably. We could host a World Cup at the drop of a hat.

    1. Definitely. We have so many good venues that could host it here in the states if it came down to that. Cowboys stadium comes to mind. That would be unreal.

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