English Comedian Impersonates Andre Villas-Boas In Amusing Post Match Interview [VIDEO]

andre villas boas post match interview English Comedian Impersonates Andre Villas Boas In Amusing Post Match Interview [VIDEO]

English actor and comedian Phil Cornwell recently impersonated Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas on the popular podcast named The Spurs Show.

Little did he know that keen listener Steve Irwin captured the audio and synced it up against a video of the Spurs manager to hilarious effect as you can see below.

Cornwell, who is co-host on the show alongside Mike Leigh, raved about the video in this week’s episode of The Spurs Show, which is available on iTunes.

In the past, Cornwell has regaled listeners with his impersonations of Martin Jol, Juande Ramos, Harry Redknapp and many others.

5 thoughts on “English Comedian Impersonates Andre Villas-Boas In Amusing Post Match Interview [VIDEO]”

    1. It’s a comedic impersonation. He’s using a comedic license to exaggerate some of AVB’s speech and raspy voice. It’s not meant to be a carbon copy.

      The Gaffer

  1. Phil starts most shows with this when he hosts-it’s not a new thing-he’s done it since AVB was hired. My favorite soccer podcast by far is The Spurs Show

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