Arsenal Forward Andrey Arshavin Ready to Quit Soccer At End Of Season: The Daily EPL

Andrey Arshavin is ready to quit soccer at the end of this season, aged 32. According to The Evening Standard, the footballer has become so disillusioned with the sport as well as the lack of viable alternatives away from Arsenal that he is considering hanging up his boots when his contract ends this summer.

The newspaper added that sources close to the Arsenal squad argue he was played out of position by Wenger too often, frequently starting on the left flank and asked to track back in a manner to which he was unaccustomed.

What do you think? Should Arshavin hang up his boots, or try to find a new lease of life elsewhere perhaps in MLS? Share your opinions below.

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11 thoughts on “Arsenal Forward Andrey Arshavin Ready to Quit Soccer At End Of Season: The Daily EPL”

  1. Attacking from the left flank shouldn’t have been nearly so difficult for Arshavin, with his natural talent. Lack of work ethic betrayed him.

  2. Still a great player? Maybe in a different league that dows not require you to track back and defend. Arshavin is lazy. Period. All the talent in the world cant overcome lazy

    1. Arsenal spent £14.5 million on him in 2009. I don’t think any club was willing to spend anywhere near that sum in the transfer window for him, so he’s stuck at Arsenal until his contract expires.

      It’s a shame really because he was such a wonder to watch in Euro 2008 for Russia.

      The Gaffer

  3. Crap player. Totally mailed it in when Russia lost to Greece and got knocked out of the Euros. Then made a complete fool of himself by ripping everyone else on the team after.

  4. For all of his potential it’s a shame that never really materialized and the problem is cyclical as if he plays poorly he won’t start but if he doesn’t play he won’t get the form he needs to start, which why I’m surprised he hasn’t gone out on loan if for nothing else than playing time.
    The argument he is being played out of position sounds like an excuse. All he has to do it look at his preferred number 10 role in the form of Cazorla or Rosicky and see how much they track back and defend.

  5. I have to believe Zenit or Anzhi will snap him up on a free when his contract expires. If Yuri Zhirkov can find work Andrey can as well.

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