Sky Refuses to Air BT’s Ads for its Premier League Coverage: The Daily EPL

Despite the way that Sky has helped the Premier League become so popular, there is a lot to despise about the way the Rupert Murdoch company does business. They’re incredibly self-serving. If there’s a sporting event or news story that they don’t either have the rights to or they didn’t get the scoop, they’ll often ignore it or will certainly pay far less attention to it compared to one of their own Sky Sports exclusives. Plus, Sky hypes everything they show, which gets old real quickly.

In related news, Sky has refused to air BT’s ads for its Premier League coverage. BT Vision has acquired some of the UK rights to the Premier League, but Sky doesn’t want to  give their competition any edge at all.

This isn’t something new either. In 2008, we caught Sky Sports being incredibly childish against one of their competitors at the time — Setanta Sports.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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14 thoughts on “Sky Refuses to Air BT’s Ads for its Premier League Coverage: The Daily EPL”

    1. True, but not all businesses practice what Sky Sports does. Some focus on the top sports news headlines whether they have the TV rights to them or not. The best example of this was Euro 2012 last summer where Sky Sports often didn’t lead with stories from Euro 2012 first and reported news instead on sports that they had the rights to.

      The Gaffer

      1. Seems to be the industry standard. Have you seen how ESPN has buried any NHL news since they lost the rights a few years back?

        As for them refusing a pay competitor’s ads, can you really blame them? Does NBC run spots for American Idol?

        1. I disagree. FOX Soccer will mention which EPL games are going to be on ESPN, and ESPN does the same in return. The two companies are completely separate, but they act in a civil manner.

          The Gaffer

          1. But Gaffer, Fox and ESPN have a pre-existing business relationship involving those games. When it comes to EPL, they are partners of sorts. I’m sure the Fox/ESPN license deal includes language requiring them to cross-promote each other’s broadcasts.

            1. Good points, but I still think it’s pretty immature of Sky Sports to pull this trick. It just makes them look silly in my opinion.

              The Gaffer

      2. I feel this is a non-story. This is how business works. FS and ESPN may mention games on the other network however, in general, this is the way business is done. Your product is superior and you protect it. You don’t go out and promote what other businesses in your field are doing.

  1. Gaffer, ESPN promotes FSC (they did today after the game) but it has been a long time FSC promoted any epl games on ESPN. I watch FSC literally everyday.

  2. When ESPN only has the internet, radio, or Spanish rights only they ignore the whatever channel that game is on. Happens a lot with college sports and soccer games.

  3. Maybe I’m missing something. This story is about Sky refusing to air paid for advertising from BT. That is a far cry from not publicly acknowledging another network’s schedule of matches on your own shows.

    I think Sky has some legal problems.

    1. Not sure how it works in the UK, but a network has no legal obligation to accept a competitor’s paid ads in the US.

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