Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero Scores Sensational Goal Against Manchester United [GIF]

Sergio Aguero scored a sensational solo goal for Manchester City today against Manchester United.

Before the match, Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini said that Aguero wasn’t 100% fit to play the full match, so the Argentine started on the bench. But in the 79th minute, Aguero dribbled past three Manchester United footballers and managed to stay on his feet to release a lethal shot into the top of the net.

The goal made it 2-1 to Manchester City in the derby. Here’s Sergio Aguero’s goal:

4 thoughts on “Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero Scores Sensational Goal Against Manchester United [GIF]”

  1. Well now as much as I want to just talk a lot of smack (no joy on the Euston Train tonight, women of Manchester best pack their pepper spray as Van Pervy has a lot of frustration to work off, etc), the fact remains that the rags just totally smashed the League this year and will win by double-digits.

    I respect the work. Glad to get 3 and make the job of Chelsea and Spurs pretty damned hard as far as getting past our guys into 2nd.

    1. Van Pervy? Ha that is a good one. I just called him Van Pu55y when he was with the GomGoms.
      Anyway, no complaint with the result. City can realistically get 16 out of the remaining 21 points. A win and a draw in the remaining 7 games will do it for us.

  2. City have won and nobody has seen the ugly incident that marred the game at the etihad, i.e no throwing of coins at Tevez et al, well i guess their fans are still immature and childish and in 1 word THUGS.

    I’m Coming.

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