Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 32: Open Thread

Due to the Europa League matches on Thursday, today ends up being an unusual day in the Premier League with only four matches being played today, while five are kicking off tomorrow, and the big one happens on Monday.

Regardless, there’s still plenty of good matches to watch today beginning with the remarkable match-up between Reading and Southampton (7:45am ET on ESPN2 for viewers in the United States). This one promises to be a feisty affair with Reading manager Nigel Adkins coming up against his old side.

At 10am ET, there are three matches in store featuring Stoke City versus Aston Villa, where Villa will be desperate for a win while Stoke will want to push themselves into safety, West Brom against Arsenal and Norwich City versus Swansea.

Join the conversations in the comments section below regarding any of the matches.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

37 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 32: Open Thread”

  1. Sunny in Stoke today however there are storm clouds over the Britannia Stadium. Lose today and we’re down in my opinion. I’ve always been relatively indifferent to Pulis, neither for or against his manner and tactics. However since the 3-3 draw against Southampton it’s been all about his ego and even if we stay up he needs to go this summer. If we do scrape up in 17th place it’ll be despite him not because of him.

    The thing that really gets my goat with the recent exposure of the fans disgruntledness with him is the attitude of pundits set up as experts in the game. For nigh on 5 years they’ve ridiculed the football we play and the fans who watch it. Yet when we turn around and say we want a bit more than is being offered we get called ungrateful and should be careful what we wish for! You can’t win with them, we make them look stupid by staying up and progressing, then when we, the people who actually see 90 minutes of Stoke week in week out, start suggesting we might need to change they claim they know best and Pulis’ way is the only way.

    If he starts Crouch we get a draw at best, if he starts Jones we get a draw at worst.

    1. On Boxing Day no one would have thought we could possibly be where we are now. Tony blames it on bad luck and his most recent comments come real close to putting it on the fans. I always worry when managers start with that, “The fans need to back the team,” stuff.

      The fans are behind the team. The discontent is with the manager’s tactics or lack thereof. Be sure to be positive and loud today. Wouldn’t want to give Tony another excuse. 😉

      1. I might end up watching Stoke vs Aston Villa instead of Norwich vs Swansea today. And that says a lot!

        The Gaffer

          1. Ah, don’t get me started on that. I’m sick of people this week talking about how Swansea have nothing to play for.

            They’ve got massive bonuses to play for. Every player. They will not take the foot off the gas, and there is no League Cup hangover.

            The Gaffer

  2. Must win for Reading for them to have even a slim chance of staying up. They should have scored if not for LeFondre missing a sitter. Will Southampton make them pay for it?

    1. I’ve been away for a week or so and I’ve just finished a course which takes up most of my time so I’ve had a bit of a break from football. I have to say come February I’m bored by football in general.

      The pub tends to call a little more Christine of year!

      1. Ian
        good luck to your Potters today,my Forest boys need a win to keep the momentum going.last two draws by skin of their teeth.trying to sneak into playoff for promotion.

  3. My wish for Southampton next season — they go back to their traditional red and white striped kit. Oh yeah, and they keep on playing their lovely football.

    The Gaffer

    1. +1 and +1

      I really liked some of their old kits. They had some cool designs in the 80’s (before my time) that would be really nice to see again.

  4. the Saints are staying up congratulations would love to see their old kit next year.i was wrong thought when they sacked NA they would go south but they went north and picked up 15 points.

  5. The only upside for Reading is that the team playing them off the park was built by their manager. They need to go down and regroup. Adkins will get them back up.

  6. Alright, let’s go Baggies! They have started to show some life again lately. Keep that up!

    Best wishes to the Stoke contingent as well, as I have never liked Villa in general.

    1. Marc L
      Are you pacing yourself for Monday’s Derby?I think your side is catching United at a good time not scoring like earlier in season.

  7. Lukaku on the bench WTF… West Brom up to their shady tricks again, helping out Farsenal….

    Shine long still doesn’t understand the offside rule.

    1. Dust
      sorry to see your boy Bale hurt this last week.looks to be a battle to hang on goals will be at a premium in the next couple of weeks.

      1. Thanks, I’m not that concerned tho, it’s 1 premier league game and 1 Europa league game. I think we will be fine, I have complete faith in AVB preparing the lads for the game. I still think we win 2-1 hoping for 2-0

  8. Lovely goal by Michu for Swansea to show that the Swans DO have something to play for in the remaining weeks to the season.

    The Gaffer

    1. Good match at Carrow Road. Norwich just pulled back an equalizer from Robert Snodgrass. Should be an excellent remaining 50 minutes. Match of the day so far, in my opinion.

      The Gaffer

  9. I can’t stand Farsenal… And Steve Clarke… Shane long 1 goal in 18, leave Lukaku out against a defense that he would shread.


  10. Brilliant matches today. I’ve been flipping back and forth between Stoke-Villa, Norwich-Swansea and WBA-Arsenal — all wonderful matches to watch.

    The Gaffer

  11. Now why would you do anything other than start Lukaku? I swear, this is about the third time I’ve seen a WBA match with him coming on as a sub.

    Hell, if I were Chelsea I’d dump Torres and get that guy back next year for certain. They might end up getting one of the Uber Names instead as a transfer, but I’d still rather have Lukaku than Torres any day of the week.

  12. Stoke look to be going down. Who is going to stop them? Certainly not themselves. Today was the easiest match they had on their run in…..and they went down 1-3. Pretty depressing stuff.

    1. Couldn’t say anything any different. The only thing to add is PULIS OUT!

      (Before you ask I’d like Steve Davis, the Crewe manager, in).

      I suppose I’ll get an extra 4 games in with my season ticket for the same price, hey ho I hope Peterborough stay up, another away ground to tick off.

  13. Shame mertisucker got carded, now he misses 3 games and he sucks, could have done with him staying as the starter such a liability, now someone else will come in a no perform….typical..

    Steve Clarke is a complete muppet for not starting Lukaku, I hope they go down next season, he didn’t try to win the game, if he was he would have started Lukaku…
    Spursr fate is in our own hands, we will win tomorrow but still.. WBA a joke again v Farsenal.

    What is up,with stoke? They were far better at the beginning of the season, strange decline… Perhaps Pulis has lost the dressing room, they don’t buy in to what he is selling anymore.

    Norwich are weird, they remind me of stoke earlier this year, defend well, stubborn don’t give and haven’t got the prettiest of sales but play well against sides that like to get it on the deck.

  14. Southampton were lucky to not be 2-0 down with reading missing a sitter and having a blatant penalty denied, then that 1st Southampton goal could’ve been disallowed for a foul, the player went in studs up and DIDN’T get the ball but clattered the keeper, if that was a goal keeper for a top 6 club in a high profile game, no way would that goal have stood. Then readings disallowed goal is yet another example of y goal line technology needs to be in, those 3 points could cost reading.

    I think they are down.

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