Manchester City Must Not Think That Spending Another £150m Will Catch United, Says Gary Neville: The Nightly EPL

Gary Neville has some tough words for Manchester City supporters to swallow tonight, saying that the current Premier League title-holders have a long way to go to catch up with the Manchester United juggernaut — not just in the league this season, but in the long-term.

“I think the feeling among the [City] players last May may have been: ‘Thank goodness! We’ve climbed the mountain! We did it!’ But you have to learn to be serial winners and [Manchester] United have done that over the years. Win or lose, the train doesn’t stop. You have to keep going. Instilling that relentlessness into his players over the years has been Sir Alex Ferguson’s greatest feat.”

Neville added that people were writing United off at the end of last season as a tired team that had a weak midfield. But United have been through so many other false dawns in the Premier League where other clubs have seemingly figured out a way to build a new legacy by winning the title, but then only for the gates to come crashing down.

“Think of 1995 and losing the league to Blackburn and the FA Cup to Everton; think of 1998 and the Arsenal Double; think of Arsenal’s 2004 Invincibles; think of Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in 2005 and 2006. Sir Alex Ferguson has shown time and time again that it is responding to disappointment that energizes him.”

Expect City to prove Neville wrong and get a victory on Monday then.

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