Brian Clough Television Interview From 1969-70: Cocky And Confident As Always [VIDEO]

I came across a new TV documentary this evening that I hadn’t seen before about Brian Clough.

It’s from 1969-70. Uniquely, the TV documentary starts off by asking then Derby County manager Brian Clough what his expectations are for the season. He goes through his entire squad and offers his critique of each player, what they can contribute and how he thinks his just-promoted side will do.

Then in the second half of the interview, the same interviewer goes back to Brian Clough at Derby and reviews how well (or not) his predictions did, as well as discussing how the season went.

A few things jumped out at me while watching the video. One, how cocky and confident he was even in this early stage of his managerial career. Two, how Leeds United is a common thread (and threat) in his discussions. And three, how awful the condition of the pitches were.

Feel free to post your own observations from this rare video in the comments section below.

In the meantime, in this month’s book discussion, we’ve chosen the brilliant Brian Clough biography by Jonathan Wilson entitled Nobody Ever Says Thank You. Join the discussion!

4 thoughts on “Brian Clough Television Interview From 1969-70: Cocky And Confident As Always [VIDEO]”

  1. The Gaffer
    Thanks a lot any Cloughie videos you can find are greatly appreciated.i think you know i am biased he was a genius but also his own worst enemy.

    i wonder if he would have had a a longer career how it would have changed his manager career?another good Forest book is Deep in the Forest players memories easy read if your interested i could send it to you.

    1. Thanks for the book offer, jtm371, I appreciate it. But I have a huge stack on books on my bedside that I still have to get through, so I’ll take a pass for now!

      The Gaffer

    1. (cont) loved the ‘get them a blonde’ comment lol. Also how young and cool he looked, especially in the first part of the interview. Makes you understand how much of a character he is and why Mourinho is the only manager currently who comes close to his style and character. Love his classy boro accent and manner of talking too. For once the word ledge is truly justified.

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