Controversial Former Sun Editor Kelvin MacKenzie Dropped from The Telegraph: The Nightly EPL

Controversial former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie has been dropped from The Telegraph newspaper after only writing one column.

MacKenzie had his column published on Thursday in a role that The Telegraph billed as a regular gig. However, The Telegraph‘s football writer Henry Winter said it was a “one-off and won’t be repeated.”

Kelvin MacKenzie was the editor of The Sun newspaper in 1989 when he authorized the infamous headline entitled “The Truth,” in his paper’s reporting of what happened at Hillsborough. MacKenzie printed false allegations that had labeled the Liverpool supporters as drunken hooligans who prevented police from rescuing fans at the Hillsborough tragedy.

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2 thoughts on “Controversial Former Sun Editor Kelvin MacKenzie Dropped from The Telegraph: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Anyone else notice the lack of Gus? I think finally Fox have gotten the message…Thankfully!!!

    Also, Stoke…c’mon time to get a decisive win, tap s nail in the brummies coffin!

    West Brom…Time for you to make up for that joke of a game v Farsenal on the last day last season…play your starters all 90 minutes and beat Farsenal, don’t pull any of that shady $h#% again. You owe us at least your best effort!!

    1. Gus Johnson was on March Madness duty. As soon as a big match pops up on FOX Soccer, expect the madness of Johnson to return!

      The Gaffer

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