Chelsea Footballers Paint Themselves Blue To Promote New Chelsea Home Kit [PHOTOS]

In a cross between Blue Man Group and Avatar, the bodies of nine Chelsea footballers have been completely painted blue to promote the club’s new home shirt that will be unveiled next month.

The new advertising campaign from adidas features Juan Mata, Fernando Torres, David Luiz, Petr Cech, John Terry, Demba Ba, Eden Hazard, Oscar and Gary Cahill. Each of the players entered a studio and were covered in blue paint. Terry falls backwards into a pile of blue paint. Torres does a bicycle kick in it. Petr Cech even wears his helmet in the blue paint.

Here’s a video from the photo shoot:

For the complete set of photos from this remarkable photo shoot, visit The Daily Mail website.

Meanwhile, if you’re curious about what the new Chelsea home shirt will look like, take a look at these leaked photos.


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