The Footballers With the Best Win Percentage In Premier League History: 1992 to 2013

Which player has the best win percentage at every Premier League club that has played in the top flight of England from 1992-2013?

Some of the findings may surprise you. Out of the 45 teams who have played in the Premier League since it was founded, there are memorable names from the history of British football with greats such as Alan Shearer. Dean Saunders, Darren Huckerby and Stan Collymore. But there are also several surprise names of footballers who help their clubs have the best win percentage in their Premier League history. Tom Cleverley, anyone?

Each footballer must have played more than 20 Premier League matches to be considered.

H/T Opta.

7 thoughts on “The Footballers With the Best Win Percentage In Premier League History: 1992 to 2013”

  1. #8 Dean Saunders that’s a name I have heard in a long time. Always liked him when he played for Wales back in the day when they had some brilliant players.

  2. Cleverly is not a surprise at all. MUFC have won most games this season and most last also. Someone like Edu, with 70+ games is much more surprising.

    I’d be interested in seeing these stats based on a minimum number of games, for example all players who have played 100 games.

  3. Shaun ‘of the dead’ Newton, was the 90 minute man. He would come on when the game was won or to hold a draw in extra time to run off some clock. I can’t remember a match he played more then ten minutes. He then of course was best known as the footballer arrested for cocaine.
    So glad he can represent us with such magnitude on this list.

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