Tickets for Manchester City vs Chelsea Friendly in St Louis Sell Out In 20 Minutes

Tickets for the Manchester City against Chelsea friendly to be played in St Louis on May 23 sold out within minutes of going on sale today, reports the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

“I think if we had a 100,000-seat stadium, we could have sold it out,” said Vicki Bryant, vice president of event services and merchandising for the Cardinals. “We expected it to sell out, but I don’t think we expected it to sell out in minutes. Quite frankly, we’re blown away by the demand. This is the kind of demand you would get for Game 7 of the World Series.”

Bryant said that the team was also looking at any ways to fit more seats into the stadium for the game or sell tickets for seats they weren’t planning to sell. Plus, there’s a chance that some tickets may become available that had been held for groups or the clubs themselves.

If you’re interested in purchasing tickets, if any more become available, your best bet is to keep on checking the St Louis Cardinals website or their Facebook or Twitter pages.

If you’re one of the lucky people to get a ticket to this match, let us know in the comments section below. Roll-call!

In the meantime, stay tuned to EPL Talk for news about the Chelsea-Manchester City friendly being announced for Yankee Stadium.

35 thoughts on “Tickets for Manchester City vs Chelsea Friendly in St Louis Sell Out In 20 Minutes”

  1. I got ONE, very lucky. It would’ve broken my heart to live here in STL and not gotten a ticket, despite being an Arsenal supporter.

    Sitting on the left field dugout.

  2. Do they sell these games over there as a Chelsea, city and neutral areas? Would probably make for opposing chants etc making it a little more realistic or like a prem game any how.

    1. If you mean in terms of seating in the stands you can generally buy a ticket for whatever section you like. They might have a designated home & away section but they won’t stop you buying a ticket for that area if that we’re you want to sit. You can be a city fan sitting amongst Chelsea fans and not have any problem because most American fans don’t grow up with the hating rival teams and fans like they do back home. I can only imagine what would have happened if The Celtic v Rangers game had of gone ahead a could years ago in Boston under those circumstances.

      American sports don’t segregate fans because the away teams don’t travel in large numbers because of the size of the country.

      1. When Man U came to KC a few years back, they had designated sections (I sat in the KC supporters end). This sale did not offer that.

  3. Friends and I bought tickets on Monday during a presale offered to people who’d bought Cardinals tickets in the past. Not sure how many they sold that way, but it was a bear to get through online.

    Still, we got 4 seats in the front of the upper deck, $65 a piece with fees. I see people are pricing the same tickets at over $200 on stubhub. Crazy.

    The four of us are Spurs fans and United fans. Think I’ll root for a 5-5 draw.

  4. If I were a betting man, I’d say they went so quickly because of the scumbags over at places like Stub Hub. They’re selling standing room tickets for $160. It amazes me sites like that are still legal-total crap.

  5. Depends on the how the promoter sets up the event. There are usually designated supporters sections but there is no requirement that supporters use those sections.

  6. The presale “password” was leaked to the general public 24 hours before the tickets went on general sale. the password was SOCCER hardly rocket science to figure it out. There was a mad rush to buy tickets yesterday. and the rumors of the pace being sold out before the tickets went on general sale were rife. I bought my tickets on Monday around 3pm and no tickets highter than $80 were left, and no tickets cheaper than $45 were left.

    Also, I am being charged a sevice charge of $11 per ticket, but my friend in the SRO ticket had a service charge of $9 and the $55 tickets had a service charge of $12

    There was no liason with the various supporters groups around rown such as the Louligans or American Outlaws to have any sort of chanting / drinking section.

    In my opinion, this has been nothing short of a cash grab and lots of people have been left in the dust.

    Standing Room only tickets were on Stubhub for $110 last time I checked.

    Premier league teams, but League 2 ticketing.

    1. I bet if you contacted Chelsea In America they would be able to get you tickets in the supporters section if you are Chelsea supporter.

  7. As of 3 pm CT when you went to the link it was showing tickets available. But when you tried to select a number you got an error message. So sad an organization like the Cardinals couldn’t just put up a message that said sold out and not show tickets for sale.

  8. I find it ridiculous that this event “sold out” yet there are THOUSANDS of tickets on sale at Stub Hub for hundreds or dollars over their market price. It’s ridiculous and takes away from soccer fans that would love to be there and would bring a better crowd atmosphere. Disappointing.

  9. When I checked at 1pm I got the error message and then tied again and was able to grab two but the thing times out at 2 minutes! Then tried again and same messag so I all and the agent said its sold out – not Ben singles and to try stub hub! Venture over there am low and behold the scum of the earth selling tickets for 400-700 dollars! I have a new found hatred for scalping assholes! I am a Chelsea fan and all I wanted to do was support my team! Highly disappointed people stoop to this… I get times are hard but Jesus !

  10. I was lucky to get 3 tickets. Sitting with an obstacle or 2. 25 bucks a piece all that was available at around 10.05 central time this am.
    Looking forward to seeing this match.

  11. Couldn’t agree more! I was online at 10 on the dot & got nothing only to find them posted immediately on other ticket resale sites. I had planned to get awesome seats for my boyfriend & I that are now being listed for thousands. I don’t have that kind of money, guess I will just plan on saving up for a real game in England or some other foreign country where greed hasn’t taken over! Plus I live in STL so it’s even more disappointing to not get to attend.

  12. we got five tickets cant wait to see aguero tevez yaya silva kompany hart the list goes on bring on the champions of england man city.forza mancini forza man city vamos city so exited

  13. Let me know when Man U makes it to town. Or the States for that matter!! Bummer about everyone that is an actual Footbol fan that can’t go and watch their teams play. Scalpers are godless douche monsters.

  14. was on at exactly ten got no tickets…and i live in stl…just gonna wait out till world cup i guess. tickets being sold for 800! might get sro tickets for 150…

  15. I got 6 tickets near the goal for $100 a pop after fees.

    So teach me something about scalpers. If they buy the tickets, and nobody pays the price they are asking what happens to the aftermarket ticket prices then? Also, if the tickets sold out in 20 minutes doesn’t THAT imply the prices were to low causing excess demand? Please help me understand how scalpers are bad?

  16. All I could get was two standing room only tickets for $25 each about a half hour after the sale began. I guess I should be grateful for anything, but I have a son who is sad not to see the training session the day before (included with premium tickets). Not even sure if he will be able to see over adults.

  17. I went down to the stadium at 730AM, and got in line, about 12 ahead of me, most of THOSE people went to a ticket kiosk to wait, so I ended up 4th in line and 1st at the front of my ticket window (6 were opened).

    I got the seats I wanted at midfield, knew where I wanted to be exactly and was checked out in 2 minutes. The guy behind me had the same, but then the system slowed.

    MOST of the people inline showed up after 9AM and were complaining, give me a break, if it were that important, you’d think they’d have made more of an effort.

    Ticket brokers are scum. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from a broker, because I’d just be contributing to the system.

    ADVICE: Try scalpers on the day, if no luck, (offer them 1/2 what they want and barter from there, walk away at YOUR price, they’ll follow you, or one of the others will chase you down with an offer) wait till after the match has started. Prices will come WAY down, they’d rather have next to nothing than nothing.

    If you are completely unlucky, go to a bar nearby and watch from there, use the money you saved to get mortal with 10 of your best mates.

  18. Buying tickets was a joke, they were all but gone by Tuesday 10am. The bad thing is nobody will do anything because they don’t want to rock the Cardinals boat.

  19. It’s the pricks at

    The douchebags raided the Cardinals site as soon as it opened and are now reselling them on StubHub for almost $2,000. What a joke.

  20. I have tickets for the man city chelsea game in st louis in the midfield section. i had bought 5 originally but 1 of my friends have pulled out. now I have to pull out. anyone interested in them? i have 2 right now available. i paid $150 with fees each for them cause they include chelsea training session. anyone interested?

  21. There are over 80k Bosnians in St.Loius and they bought the most tickets to cheer for Edin Džeko!! Go Bosnians

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