Referee Mark Halsey Dropped From Premier League Matches For Second Week In A Row

Referee Mark Halsey has been dropped from refereeing matches in the Premier League for the second week in a row.

Halsey was the referee who missed Callum McManaman’s horror tackle on Newcastle United’s Massadio Haidara. After Halsey missed the controversial tackle in the Premier League match in March, the referee was dropped from last weekend’s Premier League matches in England and Wales.

McManaman avoided punishment for the foul because one of the match officials saw the incident. Halsey’s view of the incident was blocked by another player. The referee has said that if he had seen the foul, he would have awarded a red card.

Halsey has not been selected for this weekend’s matches in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Mike Dean has been selected as the referee to manage Monday’s game between Manchester United and Manchester City.

5 thoughts on “Referee Mark Halsey Dropped From Premier League Matches For Second Week In A Row”

  1. It wasn’t just the tackle. With 2 minutes left a corner was struck in the box by a handball that was so obvious all 5 NUFC players around the incident stopped for a second. Yet Halsey missed it, and 3 seconds later the ball was in the net and all 3 points to Wigan.

  2. Same ref who red carded Carlton Cole and Darron Gibson in the West Ham/Everton match earlier this year for fouls that were debatably even yellow. Both were rescinded of course. Joke of a referee.

  3. He should have been dropped for giving Jonjo Shelvey a red and not Jonny Evans in the game earlier this season.

    1. Is that the game where jonjo played the victim as usual and blamed SAF for getting him sent off instead if accepting responsibility for his own actions?

  4. All of the comments point to reasons why Mr. Halsey should be dropped. Yet, the article makes no firm connection between not being selected and the agreed upon failures. It is probably so, but the Gaffer did not state so.

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