Ray Wilkins Blames Ashley Cole Injury On Rafa Benitez’s Rotation Policy: The Daily EPL

Former Chelsea assistant manager Ray Wilkins says that Rafa Benitez is to blame for Ashley Cole’s injury, which will keep the left back out of action for two weeks.

Here’s what Wilkins said to talkSport during his interview with the radio station:

“[Ashley Cole] never played on Saturday at Southampton on Saturday, he plays 15 minutes against United and Danny Welbeck takes him on a run and he pulls his hamstring.

“I honestly feel he has to play all the time, Ashley. He is one of these machines. You have to keep it well oiled and it will fly. Had he played on Saturday, he wouldn’t have done that [on Monday].”

Wilkins added that “I am sick of the word ‘tired’ in football. We used to play Easter Friday, Saturday and Monday. These players are super-fit and I don’t think you can take liberties in the Premier League. Southampton have beaten Manchester City, they have beaten Liverpool, and they took Manchester United the distance.”

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4 thoughts on “Ray Wilkins Blames Ashley Cole Injury On Rafa Benitez’s Rotation Policy: The Daily EPL”

  1. Ray Wilkins is stupid. It’s not as if Cole hasn’t played in a month. He played for England on Tuesday which is why Rafa rested him on Saturday. If he played Tuesday, Saturday and yesterday and his hamstring went then people would have blamed Rafa for not giving him a rest.

    1. Ray has a bad habit of offering his input on the club that let him go years ago. He has no idea what he’s talking about here.

      Sometimes players pull hamstrings. It happens. Rafa has many flaws, and squad selection may be one, but not in this case.

  2. Amen Dave, Cole traveled and played on Tuesday. I’m sure he trained on Thursday and would had most likely played this Thursday in Europe.

    If Wilkins’ thesis were to make sense – Torres and Ba’s hamstrings would have gone a long time ago.

  3. Decades ago, us old fogeys would have their paperback playfair stats annuals. Each club in a season would only play 15 or 16 different players all year. Half the team would play the full 42 game league, plus fa cup and league cup games. On muddy pitches ! With no substitutions.

    They also would be honoured to win an internstional cap.

    Now if their little toe hurts they cry off.

    Pathetic overpaid wimps.

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