Liverpool Under Brendan Rodgers Are Playing Best Attacking Soccer Since 1980s, Says John Aldridge

Liverpool legend striker John Aldridge says that the current Liverpool side under Brendan Rodgers are playing the club’s best attacking soccer since the 1980’s.

“That’s not to say the team is as good, of course, but their commitment to passing football, the variety in their play and the way in which they attack teams is a joy to watch at times,” said Aldridge, in his Liverpool Echo column. “They go forward as well as any team in the league.”

Many would argue, myself included, that the Liverpool team of the 1980s was the best in the world at the time. But it wasn’t just the attacking side of Liverpool that made them great. They were strong in every position on the pitch, as well as having depth on the bench.

What do you think? Is Liverpool playing the best attacking football at Anfield since the 1980s? Share your opinion in the comments section below. In my opinion, While Philippe Coutinho has been a revelation at Anfield, and Luis Suarez continues to be unstoppable, the Reds need consistency before they can be deemed as the best attacking Liverpool side since the 80s.

Here’s a flashback video to see how Liverpool played in the 1980s, from November 1981 when Liverpool played Everton:

8 thoughts on “Liverpool Under Brendan Rodgers Are Playing Best Attacking Soccer Since 1980s, Says John Aldridge”

  1. As in better than when Liverpool finished just shy of the EPL title four or five years ago, when they turned losses into ties and ties into wins in injury time? When Torres was on fire and one of the best strikers in the world?

    Umm… no.

  2. Comparing a team in 7th to a set of dominating teams is just as pointless as a former Liverpool player writing four paragraphs and calling that a “column.”

  3. Not even close. Pick any Liverpool team from the 1980s and it would wipe the floor with the current team. Rodgers is like a blind squirrel when it comes to signing players but he may have got lucky with Coutinho who looks a very good player, Liverpool’s Mata. Liverpool and Rodgers will go as far as Coutinho and Suarez can take them.

  4. Absolutely no way is the present Liverpool team playing attacking soccer better than during Houlier’s early years or Rafa’s 2nd place finish season. They just look better compared to some of the more recent seasons.

  5. It’s no use playing the “best attacking soccer” when you are unable to translate that into goals and good results. Sure, it may be a sign of optimism, but you can’t say it’s something to get really excited about.

  6. Liverpool under Rodgers keep the ball more than in recent years so it looks like they are more attack-minded. I thought Liverpool were more attack-minded last season under Daglish but the players were very poor.

    By the way, There are lots of teams, like Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, Man U, Man City who keep the ball more and are more attack-minded. Liverpool have a long way to go before they can match those teams.

    1. Roy Evans team with Fowler McManaman & Collymore was the best attacking side since the 80’s… Liverpool best ever attacking side involved Aldridge Beardsley and Barnes towards the end of the 80’s in Daglish’s first spell as manager!

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