FIFA Names GoalControl As Preferred Goal-Line Technology Ahead of World Cup 2014

FIFA has selected GoalControl as the official goal-line technology company it’ll use for this summer’s Confederations Cup.

If the GoalControl technology is successful this summer, then it’ll be used at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

GoalControl uses 14 high-speed cameras that are located around the pitch and directed at both goals. The technology is built by a German company, and beat out competitors such as HawkEye, GoalRef and CAIROS.

FIFA said, “While all four companies had previously met the stringent technical requirements of the Fifa quality programme, the final decision was based on criteria relating more specifically to the tournaments in Brazil, including the company’s ability to adapt to local conditions and the compatibility of each GLT (goal-line technology) system in relation to Fifa match operations.

“The respective bids were also judged on cost and project management factors such as staffing and time schedules for installation.

“The use of GoalControl-4D in Brazil is subject to a final installation test at each stadium where the system will be installed.”

5 thoughts on “FIFA Names GoalControl As Preferred Goal-Line Technology Ahead of World Cup 2014”

  1. The winning company was selected based on strict criteria, which included:
    – payoffs
    – bribes
    – money laundering

    1. and Racketeering. I still haven’t a clue what it is but you can’t be a good little villian without some racketeering.

  2. What about balls that just barely cross the line but are kicked out or don’t cross the line completely?

    I wanna see an example of how it would catch that. We know its gonna call it a goal if it hits the back of the net.

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