Didier Drogba Is Open to Return to Chelsea; Wants to Bring Mourinho Back With Him

Didier Drogba is open to returning to Chelsea, and would like to bring Jose Mourinho back to Stamford Bridge with him.

Here’s what Drogba said in the lead-up to tomorrow’s UEFA Champions League match between his new side Galatasaray and Real Madrid:

“Let me finish at Galatasaray first and then we will talk about [the possibility of moving to Chelsea]. It would be nice, not just coaching but to help the club. For this club I gave everything and of course they gave it back to me. I feel at home when I go to London. When I go to Chelsea’s training ground I feel like I can walk around with my eyes closed and know where I am going.”

On the topic of The Special One, Drogba was waxing poetically about his former boss:

“I think for the club it is the best solution to bring José back. The fans want him back. He loves Chelsea. Because you want to rebuild a team and to give them the strength we had a few years ago, he could be the right person. He is a winner and is close to the players. He went to Inter and is at Real Madrid but [he] is still talking about Chelsea, so he loves this club.

“I don’t think he has got over Chelsea and they haven’t got over him. When he came he brought success; we won league titles back-to-back with some great football and the only thing he didn’t win was the Champions League. Maybe that is one of the reasons why he might want to come back. It is unfinished business.”

Somehow, I think it’s wishful thinking on Drogba’s part. While there’s no doubt that Drogba has strong ties to Chelsea, I don’t see him returning to Stamford Bridge unless he was in an ambassador capacity, or similar role. The chances of Mourinho returning to manage Chelsea are slim to none. However, with Drogba’s vivid imagination, anything is possible.

19 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Is Open to Return to Chelsea; Wants to Bring Mourinho Back With Him”

    1. If Jose went to Chelsea, he would perceive that as a step back in his career. He keeps on moving up the ladder from Porto to Chelsea to Inter Milan to Real Madrid. I think PSG or Manchester United is the next logical step for him.

      The Gaffer

    1. I’d like Jose. Drogba’s quite far along in years. Younger strikers need be developed. Tht said, he is an astounding player. He’ll probably never be forgotten at the Bridgefor what the UCL he led us to.

  1. Drogba and jose should go to hell. we have won a lot without jose which he fears to do when he was at the bridge. we need a creative coach not jose. drogba has done a lot and we aint need him back. we are now creative team. it will take us some time but we will get there and that is what roman want. roman want the best for the club so jose can not do that. he is only coming back to snatch the cake he forget. not coming back for the future of the players but coming back to steal and deceive Roman. why do he want Michael to be sack? so he may have full access to the club account. fool

  2. New breath without old breath will breath greed,so we love jose and drogba more than any one,and please benize don’t be selfish to allow chelsea to qualify champion league next season

  3. infact chelsea needed jossy and drogba more than the owner in other to take the team to next level.love or not we need him back in the club, seeing him only the victory will be ours

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