Manchester City’s Samir Nasri Says Stan Kroenke Forced Arsenal to Sell: The Nightly EPL

Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri is stirring up some controversy today, saying that Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke forced Gunners manager Arsene Wenger to sell Nasri to City in 2011.

In an interview with beIN SPORT, Nasri said “Wenger told me that, if Cesc [Fàbregas] left, I would stay but Kroenke wanted the money. The coach told me we’ll only take Gervinho, Cesc was already gone, I had only one year left so I decided to leave.”

Nasri also added, “I don’t regret leaving Arsenal. I won the league while Arsenal have difficulty finishing fourth.”

Somehow I can’t imagine Kroenke forcing Wenger to sell Nasri. If anything, it sounds like Nasri is just trying to stir up some trouble.

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9 thoughts on “Manchester City’s Samir Nasri Says Stan Kroenke Forced Arsenal to Sell: The Nightly EPL”

  1. nasri is a french version of nani thinks he is better then he is and willing to dive or take a shot if he thinks he can get away with it.lets see Arsenal sold him and it sounds like his time at city is coming to an end don’t let the door hit you in the ass.if City can rid themselves of tevez they might be a side you could cheer for.

    1. Well a lot of people don’t like Tevez, but I always liked his style of play even when he was a rag. I see your point on the personality, though.

      As to Nasri, STFU Nasri, and contribute something. If Van Pervy wants to slag on Kroenke then at least he has the chops to back it up on the field. Nasri? Please.

      Maybe because he had his only good match all freaking year last week he then felt compelled to run his mouth?

      1. Marc L
        my biggest complaint with tevez is the money thing and play when he wanted to.just so you know i am consistent i thought United should have moved Rooney when he pulled his money play a couple of years talk about style over substance take your pick nasri or nani.nani was awful today from the get go.United needs to cull some deadwood anderson nani young and rooney.

  2. The Guardian article on standing is definitely worth a read. Author makes a great point about the atmosphere at German matches.

    Hate to say it, but the least energetic crowd over there creates a better atmosphere than about 15 of the EPL clubs.

  3. Nasri,is an ingrate.He’s just looking for a way of safeguiding himself.Remember he once said,Wenger made him what he is today,but he just have to move to win laurels.Why is he now saying Kroenke sold him to make money.He’s a money monger.He contradicted his statement by saying he has a year left on his contract,so he has no choice but to move.He should close his dirty mouth.Tanx.

  4. Doesn’t take away the fact that Arsenal is a selling club and didn’t Wenger say that he needs to profit about $20 mil every year in transfers or something like that?

  5. It should be obvious that the owners would have want him to leave for the money as they know they get nothing if he stays. So its pretty clear Kronke would have wanted a sale. As it is Wenger would have wanted him to stay.

    If you actually read the quote above (or any others!) Nasri says ‘I only had one year left, so I decided to leave’ key word being ‘I’! so that’s clearly Nasri saying it was his choice where is he saying kroenke forced a move? He just doesn’t does he? In fact it’s only the headlines that do that, he simply said Kroenke wanted to sell which is obvious. He also said ‘I want to plat and perform (for City). My departure from Arsenal was for purely sporting reasons’ , note the word ‘my’ never does he mention being ‘forced’ or even so much as aske to leave, it’s clear as the nose on your face he saying it was his own decision. You may be better writing a article about how the media twists words to make a fabricated headline and morons go for it practically every time. It’s clearly the media doing the ‘stirring’ Alex.

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