Chelsea vs Manchester United, FA Cup 6th Round Replay: Open Thread

It’s Chelsea against Manchester United, the FA Cup 6th round replay where the winner gets to play Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final.

As far as team news, Manchester United has Robin van Persie sitting on the bench, ready to step on to the pitch if and when needed.

During or after today’s match, post your rants, raves, question or observations in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Manchester United, FA Cup 6th Round Replay: Open Thread”

  1. chelski fans what a special lot boo Rio for the England deal but cheer your beloved john terry who said he would not play if he was not captain.i think you call that a Hypocrite!

    crazy lineup for United not sure what SAF has in mind.

    1. Nani will most probably be out of Manchester United this summer. Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t rate him as well as he used to, and Nani thinks he’s Ronaldo, which he certainly isn’t. I can see Nani heading to a club in mainland Europe this summer.

      The Gaffer

  2. nani is a perfect example of what is wrong with modern football.he thinks he is better then he is and the simulation of injury is off the chart.

  3. FOX Soccer’s studio that they use for today’s match and their Europa League matches looks like it’s being shot in a closet!

    Excellent first half. Both teams had chances. Promises to be an intriguing second half.


    The Gaffer

  4. Chelsea look tired and slow and have been very poor with their passing. United are setup well defensively and are trying to play on the counter-attack.

    Let’s hope the second half produces better football and some goals.

    1. It’s a holiday in Britain, Easter Monday. Lots of soccer on show in the Championship and League 1 on plus 1 EPL game.

      Fulham vs QPR at 3pm is a very importatnt one for QPR. If they lose this one they will be favored to be relegated. Last season at Craven Cottage Fulham won big (5-0 I think).

  5. Exceptional performances today from Petr Cech and Juan Mata, while Demba Ba delivers one piece of magic to win the match.

    Robin van Persie had two clear-cut chances to equalize. It’s poor timing for RVP to have a dip in form.


    The Gaffer

  6. More fixtures for CFC, our game now postponed, great news.more recovery time. I hope their semi final goes to extra time and then they loose.

    Not sure what Man Utd do from here, three it away at OT… They looked poor at the back CFC could’ve punished more.

    From three to two and now one, just as well its a 15 point lead, improbable they loose that. How mata had that much time on the ball to be able to deliver such s sweet pass is beyond me.

    Derby game just got a little more intense now…as if that was possible… could go either way… Could be UTD destroy city and smash their confidence for next fee games, or city seize moment and beat Utd lifting them for Spurs fixture… I want Utd to win, ideally Silva &Toure and Dzeco (always scores v us) get sent off as well…. Sorry city nothing personal would just be better for my Spurs is all. 2pt gap for thr city fixture if we beat EFC at WHL on the Sunday would be great!.

    One thing I noticed, the Europa league final in Amsterdam will be 50 years to the DAY that Spurs won the first European Silverware of ANY English club when we won the Cup Winners Cup beating Athletico Madrid 5-1 in Rotterdam… Spooky!

    Doesn’t mean we will win it… But It could be written in the stars…

  7. Chelsea won today at OT in the fight back from being down 2/0.RVP sure picked the wrong time to look human should have put one or both tries away.

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