Vincent Kompany Buys Belgian Third Division Team FC Bleid: The Nightly EPL

Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany has done something that many young children always dream of doing. He’s bought his own football club.

Kompany has bought third division Belgian side FC Bleid, who currently sit 19th in the table. The Brussels side will be renamed, will have a new logo selected as well as new kits and a new slogan. Kompany is serious about the decision and has launched his own website to share his manifesto.

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4 thoughts on “Vincent Kompany Buys Belgian Third Division Team FC Bleid: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Good for him. The only quibble I’d have is that he’s doing the typical “new boss” thing that we’re “starting over from scratch”. The only problem with that is that implies that there is something wrong with everything that is being done now. Kompany seems like a really classy guy and it could be that this club is a total mess, but if there are a few “good guys” there, it’s a little off-putting to have your new boss talk about “starting from scratch”. :)

  2. Kind of a cool mission statement on his website – seems to be focused on some of the social aspects of helping and providing an outlet for disadvantaged youth in Brussels.

    Good for VK! Nice to see a major footballer putting time and money into something other than Lamborghinis, models, and the usual stuff like that.

    And if you had to start from scratch, a Belgian 3rd division side is not exactly like the atrocious marketing douchebaggery the owners of Cardiff City have been up to lately. (They apparently were going to rebrand the club something like the “Welsh Fire Dragons” or something analogously horrible until they got some major pushback over that.)

  3. wish all the best for VK and his new side.VK is a true professional and the best defender in the EPL.would be my first choice for the back four.

    i know it is a long road but i hope S Holden can make it back to the EPL best of luck Stuart.

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