Mexico vs United States, World Cup Qualifier: Open Thread

One of the biggest clashes in world soccer happens tonight when the United States plays against Mexico in the fortress known as Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Mexico, who have drawn their first two matches of World Cup qualifying, will be desperate for a win tonight against their arch-enemy. The United States will be hoping to beat Mexico for only the second time ever in their history at the Azteca.

Expect a frenetic match with plenty of tough tackles and a fever pitch atmosphere. If the US can get an early goal, don’t be surprised if the Mexican fans turn on their players.

For viewers in the United States, Mexico against USA will be shown live on ESPN beginning at 9:30pm ET. Kick-off time is 10:30pm ET live from Azteca Stadium.

For tonight’s match between between Mexico and the United States, follow the conversation in the comments section below with soccer fans throughout North America.

18 thoughts on “Mexico vs United States, World Cup Qualifier: Open Thread”

  1. Mexico haven’t been very good so far in qualification games. Form goes out the window when these two nations play one another.

    Even though Mexico are favorites, mostly because they haven’t lost to the US in Mexico in a competetive game, the US has a chance to win or draw if they start strong and get the crowd out of the game.

  2. one of these yellow cards will turn red before the match is over.not good when two of your four defense men have yellows in the first 25 minutes.

  3. So far so good for the US. Mexico have dominated possession, but have only created half chances really.

    Will be interesting to see who the altitude affects more. The Americans are generally in pretty reasonable shape, and are closing the half out reasonably well.

    Mexico need to get keep attacking down their right wing, Beasley can’t handle the tricky little winger, and he’s already on a yellow. Unfortunately Klinsman doesn’t really have any options at LB.

  4. the number of empty seats is amazing.thought it would be SRO.

    US left defense got mauled but skate out of 1st half with no damage.

  5. this is what frustrates me about Dempsey, he is supposed to be playing in the whole but is not getting the ball and playing it into space for the striker or wingers.

    Bradley has made more penetrating runs and moves and he is in a defensive holding role.

    The ref seems to give a lot against the states even tho the same fouls are committed on them by mexico, strange refereeing decisions.

  6. Two American powerhouses playing against each other right now I see. Somehow I feel both will do well even if this match ends in a goalless draw.

  7. Beasley and the US defence worked their socks off in that lung busting altitude but they should have been punished. The ref didn’t help but Mexico is a shadow of their former selves.

  8. as it stands mexico would not qualify for the world cup… no surprise dos santos faded away. he has the technical ability, i think its his ego, that allows him to stroll around and drift out of the game.

  9. I think it’s a fair result. The two no-calls on the penalties balance out the two yellows he showed very early on, neither of which were yellows that early.

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