Newcastle United May Tour United States This Summer

Newcastle United may return to the United States this summer for another series of friendlies against American teams.

“We’re looking at various scenarios,” said Newcastle manager Alan Pardew. “Obviously, we had the disappointment of South Africa getting canceled on us last year.vThat’s a process we don’t want to repeat. We got really let down in pre-season last year. We don’t want to put ourselves in that situation again.”

The United States is the most likely option, according to The Shields Gazette newspaper.

Newcastle United last toured the United States during the summer of 2011 when they played against Orlando City, Sporting Kansas City and Columbus Crew.

Meanwhile, Manchester City and Chelsea look likely to tour the United States this summer.

If Newcastle United does decide to tour the USA this summer, which cities do you think they should include on their tour? Let us know in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “Newcastle United May Tour United States This Summer”

  1. My idea would be for a team like Newcastle to tour non-MLS cities. It would be a good way to judge future expansion spots.

    1. agreed completely. would love houston, but i think we are already lining up stoke and we wont get two friendlies.

  2. I would say Philly but last summer we were fortunate enough to see Chelsea,Aston Villa,Real Madrid and Celtic come through our fair city. So I’m thinking we might get passed over this year.

  3. The US is great but think about Vancouver, BC. WWC is there in 2015 and they have a great new pitch to play on at BC Place – at least 60,000 seats. It’s also a MLS city.

  4. It’s interesting that Newcastle in ’11 and Stoke City ’12 toured the same US cities. Is there a marketing agreement of some sort our are these just three clubs that could pay the dowry?

  5. Pittsburgh!!!! make up for last years “rumors” and the field being used for Women’s American Football!! Please, make it happen!!

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