New Close-Ups of England’s Away Shirt From Nike for 150 Year Anniversary [PHOTO]

New close-ups of England’s away shirt for 2013 have been leaked on the Internet.

Designed by Nike, for the first time, the close-up photos reveal a better glimpse of what the new England away shirts look like. The red polo shirt is simple and classy, and bolstered by the 150 year anniversary crest for England’s Football Association.

The close-up below shows a better view of the detail of the shirt and crest.

What do you think of England’s new away shirt? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below. And if you haven’t seen it, take a look at England’s new home shirt that will be released this year by Nike.

H/T Voetbal Shirts.

6 thoughts on “New Close-Ups of England’s Away Shirt From Nike for 150 Year Anniversary [PHOTO]”

  1. And is it a trick of the light, or is the top button a different color than the bottom. Good god, Nike, could you please refrain from gimmicky douchebaggery for SOMETHING?

    Although given their track record we should probably be happy there is no bizarre two-tone look to the collar with translucent wires spreading out in a semi-random pattern. (See: what they have done to a lot of NFL teams.)

    1. it is all the same shade of red, no two tone… Nike is actually quite good at providing what a club or team wants if its want o stay traditional it will if it wants to be different (Barca away kit) it will accomodate

  2. Absolutely dreadful. It looks cheap and tacky and since when have football shirts had buttons on them?! Have a another go Nike it’s terrible.

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