Feuerstein’s Fire USMNT And Red Bull Shows

ff1 300x178 Feuersteins Fire USMNT And Red Bull Shows

2014 World Cup Qualifying USA Vs Costa Rica

Friday, March 22nd Guests: Earl Reed, Chris Webb, Robert Hay

9:30 PM EDT – 6:30PM PDT Pre Game 30 Minutes

Midnight EDT(WED) – 9:00PM EDT Post Game 1 Hour

Saturday, March 23rd Special Red Bull Review At Montreal 8PM EDT – 5PM PDT

2014 World Cup Qualifying USA At Mexico

Tuesday, March 26th Guests: Earl Reed & John Jagou

10PM EDT – 7PM PDT Pre Game 30 minutes

12:30AM EDT(WED) – 9:30PM PDT Post Game 1 Hour

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